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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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Then try this hands-on experiment to get a cat's-eye view of survival in the swampy forest.
Think leopard, lots of leopard, worn with velvet, faux fur, fringe and feathers, gold Masai tribal necklaces, gold lame and white spike boots (right), huge frizzy hair and cat's-eye makeup.
Because in those instances, the reflected cat's-eye bands of light were perpendicular to the crocidolite fibers, the scientists conclude that in tiger's-eye the chatoyancy arises from the crocidolite fibers, not the quartz.
The Warwick Hospital team is putting on Tom Cat's Tales - a cat's-eye view of the Dick Whittington story.
When the pair are shown in bed together, it's from a cat's-eye view, with only two pairs of feet sticking out from under the covers.
At first fearful I would be busted as a noninsider, I gingerly looked over my fellow fashion fans as they stuffed their complimentary Absolut Sixth on Seventh clear plastic totes with all the free Evian you could drink, all the free magazines you could stand, Clairol hair-color samples, cute Glamour cookies shaped like cat's-eye glasses, spectator pumps and chapeaux, Tootsie Rolls in teeny beribboned Harper's Bazaar shopping bags, a huge unflattering Dean & Deluca/Vanity Fair T-shirt that I was glad to take anyway, even a darling little bottle of complimentary Absolut Currant vodka in a silver pouch, in case you get a little more fabulosity than you can handle, and a nice Timex indigo watch that my friend already filched.
Cat's-Eye View: People from inside, as well as outside, the tour bus are able to view adoptable cats as they play and frolic in spacious, glass-enclosed cabins.
But it's the cat's-eye shape that's making a big comeback.
Available Aerio and Aerio SX exterior colors range from racy red, electric yellow (SX only) and cat's-eye blue metallic to black onyx and silky silver metallic.