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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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Checked, PS6, Asos Design at Lilac, PS4, Flying Tiger Copenhagen Peach, PS19.99, Mock-croc bug-eye, PS14, Next Green cat's-eye, PS14, River Island Black cat's-eye, PS4, George at Asda Aviators, PS38, Red, PS24, Oliver Bonas Pink cat's-eye, PS8, Dorothy Perkins Gold frame, PS15.99, Zara Light blue oval, PS40, Mock-croc cat's-eye, PS20, Lipsy at Next
When Ms Streep took to the stage to collect the Cecil B DeMille award honouring her contribution to the world of entertainment, this multi-award winner rocked a frame that was a smart combination of a rectangle and a cat's-eye, noticeable by the slight upsweep at the temples.
Based on the similarity of these complex micro-features to those described by Hanni and Weibel (1988) for heated cat's-eye zircon, it seems probable that the star effect in this specimen is also the result of a heating process.
Because in those instances, the reflected cat's-eye bands of light were perpendicular to the crocidolite fibers, the scientists conclude that in tiger's-eye the chatoyancy arises from the crocidolite fibers, not the quartz.
When the pair are shown in bed together, it's from a cat's-eye view, with only two pairs of feet sticking out from under the covers.
Cat's-eye styles in bold colours were hugely popular.
Chatoyant gems contain microscopic parallel-oriented fibrous structures or inclusions that scatter light and produce a cat's-eye effect.