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Cat's Tail is child-friendly in its simplicity and narrow plot focus.
If your cat's tail is tucked between his legs, he might have just lost a fight with another cat.
TACTILE* TAIL ETC (try pinching your cat's tail or whiskers--or perhaps not)
The fireman noticed the girl had tied the wagon to her dog's collar and to the cat's tail.
Cayden: On the page where the cat's tail is big: "Cat's tails aren't supposed to be big
Then I started making amateurish cat sounds and talking to the cat and the cat's tail started moving and to my surprise it even started purring.
It feels like I'm wearing a dead cat's tail on my lip.
In a single minute, for example, you might pull the cat's tail, pound on your uncle's guitar and try to eat a paperback novel.
Rubbing a black cat's tail on your eye will cure a sty.
At the bottom right a shape that recalls a curled cat's tail is repeated four times.
He might even be on to a nice little earner - by developing a remote-controlled flame thrower to be tied to the cat's tail on the off chance it ever gets stranded up a tree.
the cat's tail thin as a rat's, fringe on the girl's shawl,
A cat's tail had to be amputated after thugs tied a firework to it.
But one hand caught my sleeve, and the other hand accidentally grabbed the cat's tail.
The children were reacting to a story I had just told them about Benjamin West's making paintbrushes out of the hair on his cat's tail.