cat's feet

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low-growing perennial herb having leaves with whitish down and clusters of small white flowers

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* The shock-absorbing feet found on the ThinkPad notebooks have been inspired by cat's feet. Reason being cat's feet provide a two-way shock absorption.
But ghost hunting in an antique graveyard, while darkness creeps in on black cat's feet and rain clouds threaten, brings problems beyond spotting the supernatural - like tired feet, runny noses and plenty of sudden dips in the ground to twist an ankle.
The White House warriors who since Inauguration Day have been blasting away at the people's right to know are at it as furiously as ever, but now they are using the cover of the shooting war to advance their campaign of government secrecy on little cat's feet.
Decline, like fog, creeps up on civilizations on little cat's feet, and America's decline began in the recent past.
He is "off to a good start" (Los Angeles Times) and, indeed, opined The Atlanta Constitution"for a country anxious to creep into the future on little cat's feet, George Bush just might be the right man at the right time."
In addition, extremely long hair can decrease the sensitivity and traction of your cat's feet.