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an event used to justify starting a war

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'Casus belli' is a Latin expression meaning "an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war".
'Casus belli' is a Latin expression meaning 'an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war'.
For this reason, the international community also needs to recognise the casus belli between Pakistan and India.
If there is any rift among the institutions to dominate or bypass each other, it will only harm the state's interest and provide a casus belli to its enemies to pursue their designs.
Summary: For most observers of the unfolding trade war between the United States and China, the casus belli is the convergence of China's unfair trade practices with U.S.
Another danger is Kosovo's wish to create an army or "big Albania" by unifying Kosovo with Albania is an obvious casus belli. If there is no big Croatia or big Serbia, there should not be big or bigger Albania.
Even if the most grandiose claims for "Russiagate" are true, they don't constitute anything close to a legitimate casus belli. Time to calm down, America.
"That the soldiers were not much concerned about slavery on either side" completely misses the salient point that the governments for whom these soldiers fought were clear-eyed about the war's casus belli, which is set forth with depressing clarity in secession documents.
The alleged intelligence activities against the diplomatic representatives of Serbia to Skopje are listed like casus belli, and the level of rhetoric implies "increased offensive activities against the Republic of Serbia".
Wilson recounts the story from shadows of the Great War (World War I) that conditioned how the United States planned for the next one, to building the arsenal (even before Pearl Harbor's casus belli), through what Wilson styles "one tough customer" or the government's exacting price constraints and tight regulation in the second conflagration while inducing product competition yet also providing massive public investment to get the job done.
In a spoiler report from ( Blasting News , "Homeland" Season 6 episode 5 titled, "Casus Belli," will reportedly have two storylines.
Blair twisted the facts until he had an empty casus belli for a pointless war in Iraq, which has brought us ISIL, ISIS, Daesh, new wars and deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees, and unprecedented acts of terrorism.
And on the subject of bombings, a series of these were blamed on Chechen nationalists and provided the casus belli for military intervention.
La realite de l'occupation, denoncee par le secretaire general de l'Onu, et le refus du [beaucoup moins que] statu quo [beaucoup plus grand que], juge intenable par son envoye special au Sahara occidental, qualifient la derive coloniale porteuse du risque d'un retour aux armes favorise par le casus belli marocain induit par la decision unilaterale d'expulser la composante civile de la Minurso.