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Synonyms for casuistry

Synonyms for casuistry

plausible but invalid reasoning

Words related to casuistry

argumentation that is specious or excessively subtle and intended to be misleading

moral philosophy based on the application of general ethical principles to resolve moral dilemmas

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Jonsen, Albert, and Stephen Toulmin (1988), The Abuse of Casuistry.
Irish moral theologian Father Enda McDonagh also proposed a casuistry in a time of AIDS, again arguing that no one endorses or approves either illicit sexual activity or the 'quick-fix approach,' as it had been dubbed.
Casuistry was an approach to morality that avoided absolutes and relied on cases to discuss difficult points of morality.
Chapter 3, "Asking for Advice: Class, Gender, and the Supernatural," considers how gender differences influence representations of casuistry based on a sample of ninety-seven digitized comedias from which a research assistant did keyword searches designed to find variants of the question, "?
Kallendorf understands this to the extent that her study speaks of the Spanish Comedia as casuistry, and it certainly takes into account key aspects of theater.
Drawing cursorily from Aquinas and defining prudence as the choosing of right ends and right means, he develops a rudimentary casuistry that, in conjunction with a tendentious historical argument, provides a tidy theory for action.
12) These references to conscience are especially significant given that both texts are composed around the same time that casuistry, the theological practice of resolving difficult moral dilemmas called "cases of conscience," nears the height of its popularity.
I suppose the answer is when it is a casuistry, which as you know is defined as a "plausibly deceptive fallacy", like civil servant, come to think of it.
Hence the whiplash--the radical critique is so bound up with casuistry and conventional wisdom that it is difficult to know where to begin.
Le Brun does not exclude considerations relating to profane literature, where the case histories of casuistry contribute to the development of the novel, or pedagogic issues arising from Fenelon's Telemaque.
Casuistry and rhetoric both are terms long maligned for their unpredictability and ethical bendability.
Casuistry, whilst showing little of the cat's torture, provides a gruesome account of it by text, and a great deal of the disturbing before and after video.
This article describes such a process known as casuistry.
In the believer's world, the world of authentic piety, the mediations (the cosmology, casuistry, sacred writings, traditions of origin, institutional structure) are factually true.