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Synonyms for casuistic

of or relating to or practicing casuistry


of or relating to the use of ethical principles to resolve moral problems


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Research technique Sheet Type of study Exploratory and casuistic Unit of analysis Brand Marca pais de Argentina country Argentina Geographical Argentina Type of sample Logical and theoretical displays (analytical generalization ability of the studied phenomenon), not randomly Sample Sample Organized by the Argentine country brand management The collection methods Document Review (documentation evidence and files) Direct observation Start and End date March 2011 to January 2012 Product derived from Strategic management and research project positioning of the brand image and country in America (Code 20006) Source: Own elaboration
Whereas, in the Essayes, Donne cannot even think of beginning without calling upon Augustine as his auctor, by contrast Donne seeks to refute Augustinian precedent as he considers ends in Biathanatos, his casuistic argument justifying suicide.
To the extent that they did, moralists were no longer theologians reflecting on the questions facing the contemporary world, questions that were routinely addressed from the 16th to the 19th centuries in the casuistic and moral manuals.
The abbot's own casuistic soliloquy rationalizes his transgression by using the language of concealment: "'Egli nol sapra persona mai, e peccato celato e mezzo perdonato'" ("'No one will know, and a sin that's hidden is half forgiven'" 1.
McCormick, urged a more historical approach to natural law, and with it a new appreciation of and fresh ways of approaching the principle of double effect, casuistic reasoning, and weighing various goods and ends in practical matters.
For many observers the whole unseemly farce that evening in Munich had been stage-managed, written and directed by casuistic promoter Frank Warren, who would match flailing frogs for a fight if some idiot would buy a ticket.
Though his casuistic treatment of the cases he considers is insightful, Richards' theory of the acquisition of parental rights seems incomplete.
Of course, there is a long history here of casuistic accommodation.
3) It's not news that "case" has legal, medical, and psychological implications that "incident" lacks, but Owens opens up what is to me a new line of inquiry when he argues that Joyce's emendation of the title also indicates that he was thinking of another sort of "case": a casus conscientiae or "case of conscience" like those used to develop casuistic reasoning.
No single abstract principle can be so used as to yield to the philosopher anything like a scientifically accurate and genuinely useful casuistic scale.
Reading Law as Narrative: A Study in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch.
Reading law as narrative; a study in the casuistic laws of the Pentateuch.
Stephen suggested that we seek in the casuistic literature a method of case reasoning.
Whereas classical just war thinking was more casuistic in character, contemporary articulations of just war have abandoned casuistry(36) in favor of a more systematic approach that tends to treat just war principles as a series of distinct tests or rules.
The answer may be found in my Gay Science: 'The Christian ethics with its key notion, ever more strictly applied, or truthfulness; the casuistic finesse of the Christian conscience, translated and sublimated into the scholarly conscience, into intellectual integrity to be maintained at all costs; the interpretation of nature as a proof of God's beneficent care; the interpretation of history to the glory of divine providence, as perpetual testimony of a moral order and moral ends; the interpretation of individual experience as preordained, purposely arranged for the salvation of the soul--all these are now things of the past: they revolt our consciences as being indecent, dishonest, cowardly, effeminate.