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Synonyms for casualty



Synonyms for casualty

an unexpected and usually undesirable event

one that is made to suffer injury, loss, or death


a termination of life, usually as the result of an accident or a disaster

Synonyms for casualty

someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

someone injured or killed in an accident

Related Words

an accident that causes someone to die

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It is thus possible to have an NOL created by casualty losses and by operating business losses resulting in a split carryback--the hurricane casualty loss going back five years and the nonhurricane loss going back only two.
Once we had treated a few casualties from accidents and the clinical staff saw that the facility, the supporting staff, and the equipment could work, they began to settle down and get on ith the business of preparing for combat casualty care.
The ratings of United Life reflect the historical capital support it has received from United Fire & Casualty and its favorable earnings trends, which have resulted in more than adequate levels of risk-adjusted capital and surplus for its business and investment risks.
Normally, taxpayers can fully deduct casualty losses on business property or income-producing property (e.
Personal casualty losses are allowable deductions in computing alternative minimum taxable (AMT) income.
changed its name to Heritage Casualty Insurance Co.
CNA is the parent company of Continental Casualty Company, which along with its affiliates underwrite commercial and personal lines property casualty business through independent agents and brokers.
The House Ways and Means Committee had included the phrase "and compensated for" in the original (1894) statute, which implied that the taxpayer should be compensated to have his casualty loss deduction reduced and not just be "covered by.
Garrison Property and Casualty Association, San Antonio.
has reaffirmed the senior debt rating of the Aetna Life and Casualty Company (Aetna) at `AA' (Double-A) and has established a commercial paper rating of Duff 1+ (Duff-One-Plus).
FAIRFIELD, Ohio -- Ohio Casualty Corporation (NASDAQ:OCAS) invites you to listen to members of management in a live Internet broadcast of the Corporation's fourth quarter 2006 earnings results conference call for investors and members of the financial community.
The organization, which is comprised of two companies--Hartford Property & Casualty and Hartford Life--says it has met or exceeded earnings estimates for 26 of the 28 quarters ending in 2002.
The claims paying ability rating of the Continental Casualty Intercompany Pool has been reaffirmed at `AA+' (Double-A-Plus) and the claims paying ability rating of Continental Assurance Company at `AAA' (Triple-A).
Jordan-Foster will have management responsibility for E&S Casualty underwriters in Alpharetta, Ga.