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Synonyms for casualness

freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness

Synonyms for casualness

a casual manner

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There were plenty of butterflies, flowers and botanical prints "in a myriad of dresses that combine the refinement of couture with the casualness of an airy closet," a statement issued by Hobeika's media office said.
However, there are guidelines to pull off such casualness successfully, the most important being, if your shirt is not tucked in, it should fall just to the middle of your pant's zipper in length.
Like the growth of active wear in apparel and footwear, growth in the more subtle fragrance concentrations complements the lifestyle elements of casualness growing within the women's market," Grant said.
Its casualness and functionality represent honest and modest everyday aesthetics (best materialized in its white colour), the appreciation for which grows over time.
Considering the fullness of the band's sound, reggae/ska/dancehall musicians Rising Tribe have an odd casualness about them - there's propulsion in the songs, but also a relaxed groove that could easily feel forced.
The scene where she hooks up with a high school student is disturbing in both its casualness and its believability.
The keynote speaker of the night was Jannie Mouton, Chairman of the PSG Group, South Africa and author of the biographical rags to riches book "en toe fire hulle my." (And then they fired me) Mr Mouton on stage is an unassuming man with the presence of a Forbes favourite and the casualness of a close friend who, apart from giving us some background on the man who built a billion-dollar company from scratch after being fired at 48, gave those present a few practical tips on how to grow their wealth.
"In his younger days he would make the odd mistake through his carelessness and casualness.
His poems, uncannily precise and inventive, manifest, to an unusual degree, the music of longing, and do it with disarming casualness. They are ravishing without being showy, wise without being preachy, exquisite without being artificial.
This Californian five-piece have produced a highly polished debut, which has the excitement of early Coldplay with the casualness of Vampire Weekend.
But with that ease is a casualness that doesn't communicate "you are worth my real time." Take the time.
When a couple gets married, they express their love and commitment to each other, and "society, in response, recognizes and dignifies that commitment." (This unique status in society is one reason why many same-sex couples consider civil union a half-measure and insist on full marital rights.) But there is "something odd about the mixture of casualness and solemnity with which the state behaves as a marrying agent," Nnssbaum says.
"There's a casualness or unprofessionalism to them," an academic told Crain's.
His town hall meetings with users nationwide typically draw hundreds of fans whom he quickly charms with his down-to-earth casualness and genuine enthusiasm.