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Synonyms for casualness

freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness

Synonyms for casualness

a casual manner

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But in its casualness the painting, like many of the others, unexpectedly offers a realm of possibility as suggestive as it is spare.
There has been a casualness at the back after we have gone in front in games.
I'm sorry, I don't buy the jolly-jape casualness of it all.
LABOUR MPs gasped with incredulity and glee yesterday as Gordon Brown allocated a few billion here and a few billion there with the casualness of a man dropping his small change into the hands of a beggar.
There's too much casualness in the use of `pentiti' by police and magistrates when dealing with criminals who have shot 10, 20, 30, 40 people," said the head of Parliament's Anti-Mafia Commission, Sen Ottaviano Del Turco.
It was hard to tell who was more intent on making a good impression, the staff or the Fox guys, who changed from their suits and ties into the studied casualness of Dodgers-logo golf shirts, chinos and running shoes.
I had spotted the two agents earlier; although not in uniform, they looked out of place, with their body-building physiques and studied casualness, a cross between cowboys and undercover detectives.
After a $16 million complete renovation, the Red Lion Hotel Anaheim typifies the style, casualness and warmth that has become a Red Lion hallmark.
His modest paintings of mountains, snowy skies, and the like have an almost plein-air casualness that hints at a similar indolence in the enjoyment of snow as a signifier of elite tourism.
I live a pretty easy, hedonistic kind of life, and the swotting and all the careful attention to check-lists is a sort of corrective to my usual casualness.
They have the eyes of hardened men, they kill with deliberate casualness and they are all huge fans of Broadway musicals.
Epitomizing 'American Casualness with European Elegance', GANT's values are based on the brand's authentic heritage from the start of the company in the USA in 1949 to the development of the brand from a European perspective since the 1980's.
Jail watchdogs have raised concerns about a "general casualness about some aspects of security" at Ranby prison, near Retford in Nottinghamshire.
The results capture both the casualness of a snapshot and the formal construction of a sculpture.
Yet that promise was undermined four minutes later when Cole was caught in possession and his casualness on the ball led to Italy's equaliser.