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a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice

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The Castrato is an historical fiction novel that follows a story line which has little representation in young adult literature.
Florence in 1698 is the backdrop for Joyce Pool's The Castrato, a sensitive tale of the joys and sorrows of life as a castrato.
In his treatise on voice production, castrato Pier Francesco Tosi recommends the use of falsetto for all singing students, including tenors.
Recent comprehensive studies on the figure of the castrato have given much-needed attention to individual castrati, following in the recent musicological trend of singer-oriented versus work-oriented approaches.
A castrato (Italian, plural: castrati) is a type of classical male singing voice equivalent to that of a soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto.
Ademas, la falta de testosterona hacia que las coyunturas del castrato no se endurecieran y los huesos crecieran un poco mas de lo normal--incluyendo las costillas--; esto les proveia de una caja toracica excepcional.
This year, Khodr is focusing on the repertoire of perhaps the most famous castrato singer of them all: Farinelli.
Earlier, there had been similar control, of a more pious nature, in Mozart's Exultate Jubilate, originally written, in less ethical times, for a strong and powerful male castrato.
Despite the fact that Lee never describes the singer Zaffirino (in "A Wicked Voice") as such, Pulham mounts a powerful case that the ghostly opera singers in various of Lee's supernatural tales are indeed castrato figures, the sexual ambiguity of their voices presenting a threat to the stable "reality principle" of their audience and Lee herself.
The author notes that in Claudio Montiverdi's L'incoronzaione di Poppea (1643) "the two leading castrato roles, Nero and Otho, represent the two men who have lost their rational, masculine self-control and are under the powerfully feminizing influence--that is, are in love with--Poppea, who in this context represents all that is most dangerous in women" (142-143).
The prose is simple and straightforward, relayed through the voice of Nico, a teenage castrato with a voice to charm the masses and a wit to help him and his companion, Gianni, to get by in a difficult world.
Having unseated Geoff Barfoot-Saunt at the Torrington Farmers meeting at Umberleigh in Devon: "The rider got kicked in the vicinity of all he holds dear, and was soon spotted with his breeches round his ankles making sure that everything was in situ - we believe he is not able to sing castrato however.
Knight's crucial first chapter, which analyzes both Sarrasine and Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu, provides an important critical counterweight to Barthes's analysis of Sarrasine as a tragic figure who, obsessed with the Italian singer who embodies his ideal of feminine beauty, is destroyed by the discovery that his model is a castrato.
In his house, she falls in love with a young singer about to be made a castrato for the greater glory of God and the papal choir.