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a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice

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Importantly, the castrato and fribble are neuter in the sense of being neither gender and are thus incapable of procreation.
This year, Khodr is focusing on the repertoire of perhaps the most famous castrato singer of them all: Farinelli.
Set in the 1720s, it too concentrated on the troubled relationship between two artists--in this case, the castrato Farinelli (Stephano Dionisi) and the composer George Frideric Handel (Jeroen Krabbe).
Earlier, there had been similar control, of a more pious nature, in Mozart's Exultate Jubilate, originally written, in less ethical times, for a strong and powerful male castrato.
Despite the fact that Lee never describes the singer Zaffirino (in "A Wicked Voice") as such, Pulham mounts a powerful case that the ghostly opera singers in various of Lee's supernatural tales are indeed castrato figures, the sexual ambiguity of their voices presenting a threat to the stable "reality principle" of their audience and Lee herself.
The prose is simple and straightforward, relayed through the voice of Nico, a teenage castrato with a voice to charm the masses and a wit to help him and his companion, Gianni, to get by in a difficult world.
As the author emphasizes: "Per l'uomo essere sedotto significa occupare il luogo femminile della privazione di potere, essere femminilizzato, castrato, ammalarsi perche contagiato dal disordine e dall'impurita caratteristiche del femminile" (125).
Having unseated Geoff Barfoot-Saunt at the Torrington Farmers meeting at Umberleigh in Devon: "The rider got kicked in the vicinity of all he holds dear, and was soon spotted with his breeches round his ankles making sure that everything was in situ - we believe he is not able to sing castrato however.
In his house, she falls in love with a young singer about to be made a castrato for the greater glory of God and the papal choir.
The first of these is comprised of 13 short articles covering a veritable smorgasbord of disparate topics such as operatic orchestral music, the singing voice, the castrato or male soprano, the operatic claque, concert pitch, elements of music, ballet, the construction of opera houses and scenery, and persons connected with opera.
7) Despite his disapproval, however, Burney writes of the most famous castrato, Farinelli, that he was an "extraordinary musician" who "mixed the pathetic with the spirited, the simple with the sublime, and .
Tito Amato, a renowned castrato and amateur sleuth, is already intrigued about his invitation to be a part of this performance, and discovers that the mysterious murders have more to do with his unconventional family than he could ever imagine.
Lysander and Hermia were played by the two Italian singers Signor Guadagni, a castrato, and Signora Parsenini.
Centuries ago a boy who became a castrato would sing high-pitched in the world's greatest choir.