castration anxiety

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(psychoanalysis) anxiety resulting from real or imagined threats to your sexual functions

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She could understand castration anxiety in guilty adults, she said.
So, although Freud's concept of castration anxiety indicates an object to be lost, it turns out that later Freud associates anxiety with an indefinite, unknown object; and Lacan's view likewise shifts from the assumption of an object of anxiety to that "object" being the amorphous das Ding.
He, on the other hand, seems plagued by delay, avoidance, castration anxiety, and doubt, and perhaps could have been read also in relation to Lacan's interpretation of Hamlet, the story of another well-known procrastinator.
He gives the monocle the status of a fetish object covering castration anxiety, given its emblematic role as the presence of the male, its position over the womb of the model, its emptiness, and its position over the pink peignoir, the article of clothing that thwarts the nudity that Victorine as Olympia so brazenly displayed in the Salon of 1865.
All things Barbra aside, this volume addresses in thoughtful and engaging ways the intersection of Jewishness and the queer in a range of cultural texts, from the rhetorics of antisemitism in the case of Leopold and Loeb, to the contestation of Zionism in transsexual drag queen Dana International, to the misogyny, homophobia, and self-contempt behind Freud's theory of castration anxiety, to the queer implication of Christian devotion to the Virgin and medieval antisemitism in a medieval tale by Geoffrey Chaucer.
And when Dr Melfi mentions castration anxiety: 'hey, my mother never went after my basket' ('I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano'/#1013).
In Zhong's perspetive analysis, male anxiety over the withering of masculinity and anguish about going unrecognized are explained not in terms of castration anxiety and feminine lack but linked to the beleaguered situation of China as a nation-state.
In the former, readers will find insightful commentaries on themes such as mob mentality, consumer society and its concomitant "hostility toward inanimate objects" (89), "subversion voyeurism" (90), and castration anxiety. Celli notes that in Il Mostro Benigni also pays homage to both classic psychological thrillers la Lang and Hitchcock and to the notion of diversity of point of view la Kurosawa (Roshomon).
The narrator's fears closely resemble castration anxiety as defined by Freud in the twentieth century.
In other words, the foundation of Eby's argument can be found in Fr eud's formulation of the Oedipus complex (and its corollary castration anxiety) which Freud himself asserted was the centerpiece of his theories on neuroses.
Even a purely Freudian concept like "castration anxiety" found its way to the Dutch discourse on childrearing.
When the brothers reached adulthood, their film contract was canceled, and Hill offers some astute reflections on why mature black males dancing with the energy and drive of the Nicholases might have posed a threat to the Hollywood establishment--she compares the brothers' smiling masks to the "West African Yoruba trickster figure Esu-Elegbara, a master of style," and quotes one scholar on the "castration anxiety" that supposedly makes white performers don blackface makeup.
In The Sound and the Fury, Quentin Compson is beset by repressed feelings of inadequacy and suffers from castration anxiety, represented in the text as a preoccupation with phallic: symbols (knives, smokestacks, clock towers).
She does not explain why their interpretations count as good or how they can actually be separated from their theories (Laura Mulvey's observations on Vertigo, for example, are thoroughly imbued with Freud's theory of castration anxiety).
He concludes that collecting (most common in children before puberty and again in men in their 40s) is a compensation mechanism against crisis or failure in personal relationships, and ultimately against castration anxiety. The condition carries with it an air of impoverishment and depleted humanity.