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a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice

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Joao VI, castrati e outros virtuoses" (PhD dissertation, Campinas, Unicamp, 2007); Pacheco, Castrati e outros virtuoses: a pratica vocal carioca sob influencia da corte de D.
Consequently, castrati performed the female as well as the male roles.
The young composer was commissioned to write for a cast of tenors, sopranos and castrati, so it lacks the vocal variety that baritones and basses provide.
As harmony began to develop in the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance younger boys and castrati would sing the high parts.
These singers utilize such a high range and texture that the effect is often likened to the sound of 17th- and 18th-century opera's teen-age castrati or eunuchs.
The first chapter, "Eunuchs and Castrati in Greek-Roman Antiquity and the Middle Ages," opens with the questions "why?
As opera evolved and the popularity of the castrati increased, the role of the tenor was diminished.
La obra De monstruos y prodigios: La historia de los Castrati festejo el pasado 15 de septiembre un premio mas, ahora como mejor produccion visitante de 2007 por parte de la Organizacion Hispanica de Actores Latinos de Nueva York (HOLA).
Bass-baritone Derrick Parker was an imposingly handsome Claudius, while the two roles taken in Handel's time by castrati and now by countertenors--the sycophants Narciso and Ottone--were adequately handled by Jeffrey Mandelbaum and impressively by David Walker, respectively.
Soon admitted as a student to one of the many Conservatories in that city of music - he had to pay for his board, unlike the orphans who were housed and taught free of charge - he developed a great understanding of the art of singing, writing works in all styles for many of the greatest virtuosi, and becoming a close collaborator with some of the most popular castrati of the period.
El pasado 3 de mayo, Claudio Valdez Kuri fue premiado como Mejor director visitante por la obra De monstruos y prodigios: La historia de los Castrati, otorgado por la Asociacion de Cronistas de Espectaculos (ACE) 2008 de Nueva York.
His deadpan vocals still hit all the right notes, his guitar is free to plug itself into 70s effects pedals, allowed to go haywire as it plays with wah-wah funk castrati licks and vacant-eyed blues-rock cliches.
Este gran foro se lleno de un publico entusiasmado por la obra De monstruos y prodigios: La historia de los castrati, de Jorge Kuri, dirigida por Claudio Valdes Kuri, tambien director de la compania.
True, Johnson wrote at a time when opera plots had little bearing on real life, when they were written to showcase the vocal virtuosity of the singers and when castrati could become mega-stars.
In addition to the production-cost factor, one of the other reasons for Handel's relative neglect has been, of course, the unavailability of castrati, addressed in this case by employing the sensational Polish contralto Ewa Podles (Caesar) and two fine countertenors, Daniel Taylor (Tolomeo) and Brian Asawa (Sesto).