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Synonyms for castrated

deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes



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The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated.
Here we examine the media's use of terms such as impotent, castrated, neutered, and eunuch, and explore the thesis that in contemporary Western discourse, these words have come to imply far more than simply sexual dysfunction.
Mr Sanchez had performed the act on many of his animals in the past and believed the procedure would be as easy for him saying: "I've castrated pigs, cats, dogs and three days later they are healed.
For the period May to August 2009, 1604 dogs were caught, of which 810 were treated, sanitised, castrated and returned, 141 were adopted, and 573 put down.
This morning, I woke up and discovered that I'd been castrated.
In this literary thriller, the first of a series of castrated bodies are discovered by Rivera Garza's namesake narrator.
A confessed rapist in Florida has agreed to be castrated in a plea deal that could reduce his prison sentence from a possible life sentence.
Caswell, 31, was angry at his ex-girlfriend for not coming to his house, police said, so he drugged her cat, "Romeo," with human medication and then castrated him.
Scientists castrated mice that were genetically modified to develop Alzheimer's and administered dihydrotestosterone or a placebo for four months.
According to the report, entire male lambs grow more quickly, utilise feed more efficiently and produce leaner carcases than castrated ones.
A TOP Goverment adviser has called for violent sex offenders to be chemically castrated.
Another monk on the island where the incident happened said he believed the animal, which also charged at the monastery's abbot, went on the rampage because he was not castrated as a calf.
Three men were arrested on, among other charges, felony castration, after local authorities discovered they were operating a sadomasochistic dungeon in their home, where at least six men were voluntarily castrated.
But a judge at Newcastle Crown Court ordered the dog castrated within six weeks.
So Auburn got burned, Cal got castrated, Texas stumbled onto a road map to Pasadena and Pitt .