castor-oil plant

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large shrub of tropical Africa and Asia having large palmate leaves and spiny capsules containing seeds that are the source of castor oil and ricin

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Pruning a castor-oil plant by 12ins will help it to bush out
Q About 20 years ago my daughter gave me a castor-oil plant.
Agencia Brasil recently reported that work has officially commenced at a new 350-liter-per-day biodiesel production facility in Quixeramobim, Ceara that will use castor-oil plants as source material for the alternative fuel.
The scientists identified and provided a series of genes that are responsible of the biosynthesis of lipids that can be used to obtain transgenic castor-oil plants with an acid profile appropriate for the different requirements of bio lubricants.
By now most parents, hopefully, are aware that the seeds of laburnum, wisteria, apples, peaches and plums are poisonous but not as deadly as the seed of the castor-oil plant, one or two of which can kill a small child.
The new polyester is distinguished as the next step in the sustainable textile industry after the successful launch of the plant-based polyamide made from the castor-oil plant.
Castor-oil plant (Ricinus communis) with enough toxin in a single seed to kill a child.
Some of the ingredients to play around with include dark-leaved dahlias with flame-coloured flowers, eucomis (the pineapple plant) and Ricinus communis 'Impala', a very dark-leaved version of the castor-oil plant.