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He told investigators he had purchased castor beans on eBay "in case Word Ware III broke out," so he could "defend our nation."
The castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) is an oleaginous of high socioeconomic value, in Brazil the commercialization of production, in 2015 generated approximately R$ 67 million (IBGE, 2015).
Ricin is a by-product of castor beans (the seeds of the Ricinus plant) from which castor oil can be produced with uses in various industries and products.
The polymer used in the first three grades in this family--Ell, E61, LDS62--is 30-60% derived from renewable resources (castor beans).
They found a number of castor beans, which are used to make the lethal chemical agent, but quickly ruled out a possible terror threat.
He is accused of attempting to have 500mg of ricin - which is a poison found in castor beans - in his possession between January 10 and February 12 this year.
Averages for the final production of the byproducts of cotton, castor beans and moringa had the highest rates at the 30% level and the lowest rates at 70% substitution.
The leather is made using an olive leaf tanning process and the key has been created from crushed castor beans.
Castor beans Ricimis communis L., is a rich source of industrial oil crop, which is an important industrial oil crop of the world.
Traces of ricin also were found in the studio, and Dutschke used the Internet to buy castor beans, from which the poison is derived, the affidavit said.
When the oil is extracted from the castor beans it is washed with water which completely removes all traces of the toxin.
Ricin is a highly lethal poison made from castor beans. If convicted, Dutschke faces maximum possible penalties of life imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.
Gainer first said in a statement that the substance had tested positive for ricin, which is found naturally in castor beans and can cause death from exposure to as little as a pinhead amount, usually within the first 72 hours.