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thrown away

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Therefore, SILK is honoring Lynn Donovan and her family as our initial Heroes of the Month and has established a campaign to raise $5,000 for Castoff Pet Rescue, the shelter they work with, to help defray their ongoing veterinarian fees.
NEW YORK Latest screen-to-stage adaptation inching closer to completion is the musical version of "Kind Hearts and Coronets," the 1949 pitch-black Ealing comedy in which the resentful castoff of a titled clan sets out to eliminate his entire family tree.
The mountain of castoff shoes could probably fill the Grand Canyon.
A castoff queen, a searcher last of his lineage, and a damaged warlord prince face challenge, journeys and healing in this exceptional fantasy, recommended for any general lending library with or without prior 'Black Jewels' stories in their collections.
This work surveys of black experience in New York City from the time the first African castoff in 1626 through the Civil War years.
Terrain is an experiment in 3-D animation that reaches for the future but ends up looking more like a castoff from the early years of kinetic art.
Boosting margin with inexpensive impulse items isn't a new idea, but perhaps you can think of a way to turn your interests, or other people's castoffs, into more sales at your store.
Set inside pseudo-3D versions of the classic coin-op mazes, up to four players try to trap Pac-Man while attacking each other with a handful of Mario Kart castoffs. It's almost enough to make you want to overdose on pills yourself.
In 1985, we bought roughly 31 clothing items per year; now we snap up twice that many thanks to "fast fashion." (See "What Not to Wear," page 68.) Cline explores the origins of this shift--think the Gap circa mid-1990s--as she tours cheap-chic factories in China and clothing "landfills" (charity stores) where the castoffs pile up.
"They are not prepared to accept Europe's castoffs any more," he said.
Viola Frey began her life work in ceramics but became a painter, sculptor and photographer, blending her mediums and finding inspiration in flea-market castoffs and curiosities.