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the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie

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It is true that Naxals exist in this area and they have been campaigning and advocating against participation in elections; sometimes even scaring the locals in such a way that they desist from casting votes. However, we are prepared to face all challenges," he told ANI.
He said that the commission had also extended the date for registration of overseas Pakistanis from September 15 to September 17 for exercising their right of casting vote in by-elections.
Ojewande, who spoke during a press conference tagged 'Osun Media Peace Day organised by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and other international agencies such as UKAID affirmed that displaying ballots after casting votes contravened Electoral Act, stressing that 'voters cannot take phone inside the cubicle, we are not planning to ban the possession of mobile phones.'
Meanwhile, the commission has appreciated the encouraging trend of women active participation in casting vote in general election 2018 and made it clear that the commission will not tolerate barring them from casting vote.
'However, we believe in election process, we will continue to convince people for casting votes,' he said, adding 'We all know that turn out would be low, as people are not interested to come out during election day.'
She said PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had been informed about the matter, pointing out that influential people had stopped women from casting votes in several areas of the district in previous general elections.
The first vice president, while briefing on preparations of Afghanistan for better holding of the second round of presidential elections, said Afghanistan people would decisively go to cast votes and show their will by casting votes and electing their country's future president.
"While most of my colleagues have planned their annual holidays either in July-August or in December, I don't see any of them advancing their annual vacation just for casting votes," said a community member.
Unionised workers at South Korea-based Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai) (KSE: 005380) have started casting votes on a second tentative pay agreement after months-long wage disputes.
They emphasized over casting votes no matter who to vote to.
Many other LHSs and LHVs lodged the complaints and urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to extend the deadline for casting votes through postal ballots.
@Zaibyx who tweets under Mother of Dragons said: 'Elections on Wednesday mean those who are out of town for work, or work away from hometown will not be casting votes since majority of these people go home over the weekend only.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Election Commissioner (EC), Pir Maqbool Ahmad Monday announced that special persons can take a helper along with them inside polling stations for casting votes.
Naaz said that election campaign and collecting of votes will be difficult for Hameeda Shahid in Dir region where women were previously denied their political and constitutional rights but that Hameedas decision to contest has broken the myths developed by leaders of certain political parties and government officials regarding female reluctance in casting votes.
Sarfraz-who arrived at Karachi airport today after thrashing Zimbabwe in five-match ODI series-urged Pakistanis to fulfill their national duty by casting votes.