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the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie

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And he disagreed with the controversial decision to send Stephanie Waring home using the casting vote.
Delivering her verdict with the final, casting vote, head judge Ballas saved The Saturdays' singer King, saying it was a "very difficult choice".
As a result of ASIC s actions, the Federal Court of Australia ruled it was inappropriate to use his casting vote, saying the liquidator should have applied for court approval of his fees.
If he had used his original vote to defend Marske against over-development, he would not have been put in a position of having to use his casting vote, as the vote would not have been tied.
The Whiston-born rider represented himself at a hearing at Pune racecourse on Saturday and the appeal board reduced the eight-month suspension to the 56 days he was originally hit with earlier this year on the casting vote of the chair man.
Incas is regularly sending advisories and other communications to its members and well-wishers highlighting the necessity of casting vote if they happened to be in their home constituency at the time of voting.
In remarks after casting vote, he said "It appears to be all going on
West Midlands companies relying on the chairman's casting vote when making decisions may need to rethink their procedures following changes introduced by the new Companies Act.
The meeting on Thursday descended into confusion after four councillors voted for the scheme and four voted against, leaving committee chairman Cllr Chris Cliffe with the casting vote.
James Collins, Chris Barker, pictured right, and Danny Gabbidon were all backed by Bluebirds fans - and for the first time ever the winner will be decided by a casting vote.
This article looks at the legal basis and conventions that have developed surrounding the use of the casting vote.
Earlier the Assembly's presiding officer defended his decision to use his casting vote to defeat the business statement after the initial vote was tied on Tuesday.
While she was away,Labour lost a vote on its business schedule on the casting vote of Presiding Officer Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas,after a 29-29 tie.
Or did he vote against the proposal in the knowledge that it would be decided by the chairman's casting vote, and that Rob Hughes would use his casting vote to force the rule change through?
The Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese Communist Party, Liberal Party and Social Democratic Party agreed in the morning they would submit the motion calling for Hatoyama's dismissal if the first motion was voted down at the steering committee by the casting vote of the chairman.