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Synonyms for casting

object formed by a mold

the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

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In conclusion, the thermal stress values occurred at mold under the preheating and the mold lifetime at casting temperature (800[degrees]C) may be calculated with the finite elements method.
(6,12-14) Therefore, since the temperatures were low, it appeared that the reaction layer of the casting titanium with the CS 100% and RE 100% investment would be thinner than the RP that had the highest casting temperature (430[degrees]C).
Mentioned process consists in soaking of the melt at reduced temperature and overheating up to the assigned casting temperature of the metal batch only during its release from the casting device.
They depend on numerous parameters, such as the casting temperature, casting speed and coolant flows.
It must contain a sufficient volume of metal to supply the shrinkage contraction, which occurs on cooling from the casting temperature to the completion of solidification.
Wax casting temperature (Tc) is the parameter that has a major influence on dimensional accuracy of wax patterns.
The casting alloys were prepared in 25 kg batches using P1520 ingot with the composition shown in Table 1.The alloy was not degassed and was poured into the mold heated to 752F (400C) using a casting temperature of 1,382F (750C).
The measures for preventing these cracks include the reduction of the cold cracks depths and the decrease of the cracking sensitivity; they can be obtained through the increase of the intermittent removal rate, the reduction of the height of the step between the mould and the piercing ring, the electromagnetic stirring of the molten steel in the casting mould and the increase of the casting temperature. On the other hand, HCC eliminates the levelling cracks.
Molten metal temperature in the furnace was 1,508F (820C) and casting temperature measured in the pouring ladle was 1,328F (720C).
Tests were conducted on AlSi12 casting in single sand mold, where we measure casting temperature and pressure fig.2.
* Casting temperature at the interface when the insert reaches its maximum temperature.
The casting temperature is of 1440[degrees]C, the filling time being of 10 s.
If the control thermocouple measures the temperature in the furnace chamber atmosphere rather than the actual casting temperature, it cannot be assumed all of the castings (especially those in the middle of the basket) have reached the proper solution temperature and are receiving enough heat to assure adequate solution heat treatment.
Wax used in our experiment was industry wax from company MCP-Hek type WA-70 (MCP-Hek homepage) with melting point at 68-70[degrees]C and recommended casting temperature at 80[degrees]C.
The MAGMAhpdc module supports assessing real casting temperature as a function of current shot sleeve conditions.