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Synonyms for casting

object formed by a mold

the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

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It holds the casting machine in place with a customized interfacing framework, which is designed for compatibility with any type of double girder overhead crane, making it possible to retrofit all buildings with the MCT Distribution System.
By investing in the new hollowcore casting machine and fork lifts we aim to boost our competitiveness, manufacturing capacity and add value to our service offering in order to meet the projected growth in new business.
And the Slab One Casting Machine also achieved its best daily output since the restart of operations on August 6, when it produced 6,152 tonnes.
Ballisti-Cast's MK I and MK II casting machines are based on a common design that includes a 100 pound, 220 Volt, electrically heated furnace that maintains temperature through the use of an accurate thermometer and digital thermostat.
Eight meters is the size of the large casting machine now being built by Angel and his collaborators under the stands of the University of Arizona football stadium in Tucson.
Contract Awarded for Continuous casting machine production line technology and key equipment 1 set
Mercury Marine (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), a manufacturer of recreational marine engines, announced the commissioning of a new high-pressure die casting machine, said to be the largest in North America.
The new Die Casting Process Control Unit from Pretransa Die Casting Machines is transportable and adaptable to any die casting machine of the market using a displacement transducer and a pressure probe.
Mr Derek Hazel supervising a pressure die casting machine.
The product also demonstrated a new use for zinc die casting, creating a thin wall part in a 4-cavity mold on a high speed 2 x 2 inch die casting machine.
A new feeding mechanism keeps operators away from pull rolls on thread-up and makes a safer, more compact film casting machine.
Contract Awarded for Alkali metal removal device for electrolytic molten aluminum 3 set; Enclosed chute system with static flow of 45t/h 1 set; Aluminum-titanium-boron double-coil variable-speed thread feeding machine 1 set; Double-rotor on-line degassing device 1 set; Casting tooling, Including dummy bar head 1 set for each specification; Vertical internal oil-gas valve casting machine 1 set; Casting control system and electrical equipment 1 set.
A remarkable feature is that the site has an equipment configurator, which allows visitors to configure a die casting machine or even a complete working cell and request a quote with the settings chosen from the same website.