casting lots

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Synonyms for casting lots

making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc

References in classic literature ?
Long before evening they had an engineer from the next township at work upon it, and they were casting lots among the seventeen picked men who wanted to take it for its first flight.
As with every game of casting lots, they lose their stakes more times than they win.
Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." They divided his garments by casting lots. The people stood by and watched; the rulers, meanwhile, sneered at him and said, "He saved others, let him save himself if he is the chosen one, the Christ of God." Even the soldiers jeered at him.
The final scene shows the soldiers casting lots to secure Jesus'seamless robe (John 19.
I can imagine cavemen casting lots and rooting feverishly for man and beast alike, as their personal prowess rises to victory.
Among the ancient Jews casting lots is making God do the choice.