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Synonyms for casting

object formed by a mold

the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

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Bartolomeo frowned heavily, casting a terrible look at the captain, as if he made him responsible for the misfortunes that this refusal might occasion.
I know coloured men who, through the encouragement, help, and advice of Southern white people, have accumulated thousands of dollars' worth of property, but who, at the same time, would never think of going to those same persons for advice concerning the casting of their ballots.
He noticed that they whispered to one another, casting significant looks at him with a kind of awe and even servility.
Casting off its lashings he dragged it out from beneath the trees, and, mounting to the deck tested out the various controls.
The casting of the lots went on rapidly among the officers and men.
It was composed of four members of great technical knowledge, Barbicane (with a casting vote in case of equality), General Morgan, Major Elphinstone, and J.
Casting his eyes down towards that quarter in which, with reference to a man's face, his legs are usually to be found, he observed that the face had a body attached; and when he looked more intently he was satisfied that the person was Mr Quilp, who indeed had been in his company all the time, but whom he had some vague idea of having left a mile or two behind.
Most of this growth has been by components produced by high pressure diecasting and related technologies, such as vacuum diecasting and semi-solid casting technologies.
The process eliminates the need for a physical master model, and reduces tooling expense since only one mold half is made, and that is for low-pressure casting.
Most often, when this situation is investigated, the manufacturer of the casting will report that the problem was not the fault of the casting itself.
He began practicing at the Pasadena Casting Club's casting pond in Lower Arroyo Park six days a week, two to three hours each day.
Less than 5% of Hollywood's film and television casting directors are African American.
com/reports/c41329) has announced the addition of Industrial Castings - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.
That lagging work time and lack of flexibility generally add up to a casting bottleneck when solidified product reaches the finishing room.
That all changed recently when the cast-happy Burian decided to challenge himself and vary his hobby to include fly casting so he could hook into the Crystal Lake trout that blew off his deep-bait applications when an insect hatch brought them jumping to the surface.