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having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlement

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Nick Hodgson, archaeological projects manager at Tyne Wear Archives and Museums, said: "Trinity Towers was a very attractive Gothic castellated landmark structure.
Its 12-sided castellated tower has stunning views across the Clwyd valley with Snowdon in the distance.
A castle nut (also called a castellated nut or slotted nut) with cotter pin is used to secure the wheel hub to the vehicle.
In Russian structural Norms SN&R [1], as in Eurocode 3 [2], one of the basic demand to castellated beams is securing of necessary rigidity, i.
The first version of GRAITEC Advance PowerPack will introducenew tools for faster modelling, such as continuous beam and folded plate extender, and new capability such as the castellated beam and cellular beam sections, all combined with more intelligent and automated templates, all seamlessly integrated into a new user-friendly ribbon, the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack complements the use of Autodesk Advance Steel and enhances the user experience and project design workflow.
The 55,000 sq ft castellated club house offers complete seclusion for up to 30 senior executives who wish to arrive, leave and remain in camera for the duration of their business activities at the club.
The distinctive looking house with castellated corner is well screened from the road, standing behind yew hedging.
True Banchory's Alex Burnett could knock hereditary Lib-Dem baronet Robert Smith from his castellated perch inWest Aberdeenshire .
Its guidance tip ensures targeted cleaning between teeth, while the castellated nozzle reduces back-fire and splash-back water spray.
The front is bounded by castellated walling with rose beds.
As Taylor soon realized, the castellated nut, now a piece of flight-deck FOD, also was missing.
MODULES WITH CASTELLATED mounting holes are showing up more and more these days.
2) With the incorporation of the Castellated Cut, to secure maximum stability of the severed part of the structure.
He removed the panel to investigate the anomaly and discovered a castellated nut and washer sitting loose in the panel.
This buckskin tobacco bag construction consists of an upper section with a curved, castellated top edge (Photo 2) with edge beading, and central section with a bottom double fringe consisting of 26 fringes front and back with basket (cane) beads strung on.