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having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlement

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The modes of failure of castellated beams is not taken into account in this paper.
The story goes that the central castellated tower was built so Lord Holt could watch his liners sailing past Formby Point.
In the centre is a massive castellated gatehouse bearing Hampton Court-style portrait roundels on its two towers of two of those great prison reformers whose work helps redeem Britain's enthusiasm for incarceration: Elizabeth Fry and John Howard.
To escape death, Prince Prospero secludes himself and a thousand noblemen in a castellated abbey.
This AD would require replacement of the bolt and self-locking nut on the primary support pin of the main landing gear (MLG) support beam with a new bolt, castellated nut, washer and cotter pin.
Two experimental rotors (a castellated rotor/cap and a rectangular rotor) were initially run to establish degassing parameters that resulted in optimum bubble distribution and minimum vortexing.
Robins expects his SMI's Steel Products plant to be busy once developers and contractors begin using the cellular and castellated beams in more projects.
In their work on the castellated and domestic architecture of Scotland, the great castellologists MacGibbon and Ross recorded the presence of more than 760 stone castles.
At the center are spiny domes known as the Castellated Core.
Exposed SmartBeam([R]) castellated steel beams were chosen for the structure not only for their aesthetic appeal but to promote cross-ventilation within the courtyard area and throughout the building complex.
LOCATED in the Cerrigceinwen area of Anglesey, Bryn Twr is a unique detached castellated house, whose origins are believed to date to the late 19th century.
A grand castellated entrance was created and a 'castle' was built in the 1880s.
As this photograph Jake and Jane gave me shows, it is a most impressive castellated structure, standing four square on a plinth and inscribed on four sides with information on Cook and his adventures.
This wonderful example of Edwardian architecture is complete with corner turret topped by a distinctive castellated roof.
A period residence with castellated turret and panoramic views, it''s got five bedrooms - three en suite, drawing room, dining room, study, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom and family bathroom.