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not belonging to or having been expelled from a caste and thus having no place or status in society

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The missionaries never dared to dream of a casteless society but rather worked to establish a Christian society based on the principles of equality and unity.
However, as the Independence did away with European courtesy, a new, casteless nicety developed in the U.
In September they repeated their protest after attacks on Mother Teresa's missionaries as they attempted to distribute food among the casteless in Kerala.
In his words, he has passionate hopes for "a global, cosmopolitan, democratic, egalitarian, classless, casteless society.
In their "Communication to the Church," some 800 delegates from India's 143 dioceses made a Jubilee resolution to renew society by working for a casteless society, serving the poor despite opposition and encouraging basic Christian communities.
Like the code, which talks of the casteless curry, and like E23's disguise, which sacrifices caste to the ulterior needs of the Great Game, the train, or te-rain, is said to hyphenate or bring India together wonderfully, a gift from the English government (and see 76).
Even though India, by law, is officially a casteless society, supporters of the proposal note that it is crucial in order to implement affirmative action programs that have been created by the government.
46) Maharajan subscribes to a theory of Tamil cultural history according to which Tiruvalluvar lived during a time of cultural ferment, a time when the Tamil country, site of an ancient, casteless, and essentially world-affirming civilization, was infiltrated by proponents of Buddhism, Jainism, and Brahmanism.
Born casteless in a land where rank is everything, bound as the lackey and thug of a local crime lord, you have spent your life invisible.
In a society dominated by a casteless religion, such social constructs often leave one befuddled with questions.
We in the BJP remain wedded to Ambedkar's dream of a casteless and just society," Gadkari told the delegates in his inaugural speech.