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not belonging to or having been expelled from a caste and thus having no place or status in society

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Dwarven society is divided into castes, with the Royal family with ultimate power at the top, and the casteless, and criminals at the bottom, regarded as lower than filth.
He believes that dropping family names would not end the problem entirely but would be a "giant step" in creating a casteless, merit-based society.
Further, in conformity with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's vision of India as a casteless and "egalitarian" nation-state, the 1950 constitution was framed around the concept of Fundamental Rights of the citizens.
The first four chapters are dedicated to the establishment of "interracial Methodism," the Methodist Episcopal Church (headquartered in the North versus the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, based on the southern states), the decline of the quest for a raceless Methodism, and the move to renegotiate black Methodist identity, which entailed compromise of the older principle of a casteless, nonracial Christianity.
A change in the law will make it possible for our people to live with pride and dignity in a casteless British society.
Though other religions are supposed to be casteless, in the Indian context all religious groups covertly practice caste-based discrimination.
A special attraction of Part Two of the book is the portion on "Sudrabhava' which envisages the concept of equality (Samata) and the dream of a casteless society which not only enriches the Jagannatha consciousness, but also points to the vital fact that 'Orissa continues to remain one of the states of India least affected by communal tension and religious fundamentalism.
Eventually, influenced by Ambedkar, Gora, and other progressives, Gandhi in his last years favored an altogether casteless India, realizing that his humanitarian ideals could never be achieved in the context of varna.
In the New World, European courtesy was being displaced by "a new, casteless nicety .
The missionaries never dared to dream of a casteless society but rather worked to establish a Christian society based on the principles of equality and unity.
However, as the Independence did away with European courtesy, a new, casteless nicety developed in the U.
In September they repeated their protest after attacks on Mother Teresa's missionaries as they attempted to distribute food among the casteless in Kerala.
In his words, he has passionate hopes for "a global, cosmopolitan, democratic, egalitarian, classless, casteless society.
By the 1920s, Guru was calling for a casteless society, reforms in religious practices, and better education for the oppressed.
In their "Communication to the Church," some 800 delegates from India's 143 dioceses made a Jubilee resolution to renew society by working for a casteless society, serving the poor despite opposition and encouraging basic Christian communities.