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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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Folk and country join the solid base of blues upon which Ivory Castanets is built to create a suite of well-crafted, well-produced songs.
51 pages in length, Tambourines, Bone Castanets, and Banjos Meet Jump Jim Crow: A History of Blackfaced Minstrelsy in America From 1828 to 1898: A Forgotten Heirloom In American Entertainment is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the theater and performing arts history and criticism category.
It's probably the first time I've had an act who rattles castanets on the show.
castanets, o castanuelas, they are used to accompany "pasodobles," "jotas" and other Iberian genres ONLY.
The helmet came third, with a set of castanets from Spain topping the list.
The Habibis crack out the castanets and chants for some traditional Greek music, while film score composer Ollie Olsen takes the music in a darker, more ominous direction.
His images, which range from a medieval siege to a long-eared bat, from rodents to castanets, seem to bear no direct relation to Mathews' text, and this may be the point.
LeClercq as Castanets, 1929) is a lyrical novel in which the Andalusian city plays a role.
Many students return yearly so that they can experience various dance styles, including instruction in Spanish classical dance, a flamenco precursor that integrates precision castanets into flamenco, which is not widely available at workshops elsewhere.
He put thousands of hours into restoring his Fotoplayer, including the sounds of castanets, a train whistle, gunshots, a tambourine, a wind siren and other noises produced on the machine by hand-drawn chords.
The Laurencia Pas d'Action (staged by Anna-Marie Holmes, who added several female dancers and choreographic enhancements) is a showcase of flamboyant technique and Spanish-inflected fireworks, with the click of castanets driving the rapid-fire turns, exaggeratedly arched backs, and sinuous arm movements.
CALABASAS - With castanets, muskets and guitars, the Calabasas Anza Heritage Association on Sunday re-created the story of a 1776 Spanish expedition in a performance at the Sepulveda Adobe.
Marina Keet discovered Spanish dance as a ballet student in London, where she heard a pair of castanets, followed the sound, and opened the door of Elsa Brunelleschi's studio.
Los Danzaq de Ayacucho performed Peru's centuries-old scissors dance, named for the steel castanets that accompany the intricate footwork and acrobatics.