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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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The large heavy iron castanets known as qraqab (or krakebs large iron castanets) and a three-string lute known commonly as a hajhuj (or gimbri) are central to Gnawa music.
Glockenspiel is described as a timid boy and will need to gain confidence over time as he gets to know his new owner, while Castanets is described as a little timid, who will need his new owner to help him gain his trust by interacting with him daily and getting him used to being handled.
Folk and country join the solid base of blues upon which Ivory Castanets is built to create a suite of well-crafted, well-produced songs.
We collected and quantified the content of oil and moisture of samples of castor oil plants, ouricuri, babassu, castanets, macauba, and passion fruit and pinecone from different regions of Alagoas State, Brazil.
Passion begins with the flamenco inspired Sonora Nights, which celebrates the beauty of the nocturnal desert with snappy guitar rhythms, castanets, and drums; Monsoon (not as ironically titled as a song celebrating a region known for Cacti and Gila Monsters might suggest; when the desert is wet, its often very wet indeed) adds a rainstick to its languid guitar, gentler drums.
"THEY'VE got every instrument in Grangetown." I may well have misheard exactly what the bloke standing next to me said on Wednesday, but Other Lives certainly had little space to manoeuvre on the Westgarth stage, packed with everything from castanets and to what appeared to be antlers covered in bells.
has published Tambourines, Bone Castanets, and Banjos Meet Jump Jim Crow: A History of Blackfaced Minstrelsy in America From 1828 to 1898: A Forgotten Heirloom In American Entertainment by Washington R.
WILLIAMSON Square will be alive to the sound of castanets this weekend when a Spanish festival comes to town.
The Monarch Beach, in Chamberlain Square, will have a Spanish theme for the next week with flamenco dancing, traditional Spanish music and, for the adventurous, the opportunity to learn to play the castanets.
For entertainment we listened to the Light Programme on the radio and watched grandma play her false teeth like castanets.
jumping with the metallic castanets, across the curvature of the dunes
The word flamenco might conjure images of men with roses in their teeth and stamping feet and bailaoras (female dancers) with castanets, but the dance form is so much more intriguing, and explosive, than just that.
CLICIWCH eich castanets, mae Casa Dudley yn mentro i Sbaen!
For example, in the intro of "Marble House," we tried to make castanets, but it's still totally an electronic sound.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The retina' 2 Hengist and Horsa' 3 The Maquis' 4 The apex' 5 Castanets.