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thrown away

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Seagultaf So basically, Wales gets England's 30-year-old cast-offs with a lick of paint and new upholstery.
They've been living in perpetual dank darkness alongside the cast-off furniture and that chiminea we bought on the one sunny weekend that year.
"My team is made up of discards and cast-offs with something to prove"
CAST-OFF clothes from Tyneside are the most sought after threads in Eastern Europe.
Losing pounds 30k isn't very clever, but the blunder is to assume that somebody would pay a premium for any of Elton's cast-offs.
Indeed, these days, it seems that more cast-offs than ever can be recycled.
And the Hibs boss will keep scouring the reject bin for cast-offs in need of affection to feed his Easter Road revolution.
The STMC is also investigating ways to clean up existing stockpiles of tires and find uses for new cast-offs until all tires are recycled.
Catwalk kings and queens are being sought for a charity fashion show modelling celebrity cast-offs.
Couples with five, eight, ten children don't even try to keep up with the Joneses (in fact, their kids are probably wearing the Joneses' cast-offs).
THE AUCTION HOUSE Sun C4 8pm NEW SERIES Lots Road Auction House is situated in a large warehouse in Chelsea and being in one of London's poshest postcodes means it gets the very best cast-offs, and most interesting clientele through its doors.
I also had other people's cast-offs and was very grateful.
FAMOUS faces bartered with bargain hunters yesterday as they queued up to buy celebrity cast-offs.
Instead of going into posh shops she is to challenge managers to turn other people's cast-offs into sellable stock and try to revamp charity shops' dusty image.
When Stagecoach had operations in London we received in this area cast-offs from there.