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thrown away

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They've been living in perpetual dank darkness alongside the cast-off furniture and that chiminea we bought on the one sunny weekend that year.
CAST-OFF clothes from Tyneside are the most sought after threads in Eastern Europe.
Indeed, these days, it seems that more cast-offs than ever can be recycled.
Hosts David Beaupre, Michael Spatafora and Samantha Gleisten will transform thrift-store cast-offs into unique items that will distinguish your space from the Joneses.
And the Hibs boss will keep scouring the reject bin for cast-offs in need of affection to feed his Easter Road revolution.
The STMC is also investigating ways to clean up existing stockpiles of tires and find uses for new cast-offs until all tires are recycled.
Catwalk kings and queens are being sought for a charity fashion show modelling celebrity cast-offs.
Miss California, Veena Goel is set to buy her tickets today in front of the Capitol steps in Sacramento, while reality TV personalities (The Apprentice cast-offs Omarosa, Bradford and Nick) are lining up to take another shot at becoming millionaires at "The Grove" shopping center in West Hollywood.
Instead of going into posh shops she is to challenge managers to turn other people's cast-offs into sellable stock and try to revamp charity shops' dusty image.
She writes incredibly bland, average songs that sound like KT Tunstall's cast-offs.
When Stagecoach had operations in London we received in this area cast-offs from there.
The two skeletons ( made from pieces of steel cast-offs, tubing and, for their teeth, a discarded motorbike chain ( are causing quite a stir outside Drover's Forge at Leadgate, Consett, County Durham.
The Society of Motor Auctions is expecting large volumes of ex-fleet cast-offs to hit the market after Easter, which will push prices down.
Many were born in captivity and are orphans or cast-offs from circuses, zoos and private owners who could no longer care for them, Hedren has said.
BEFORE anyone starts to panic about who we should be buying and paying outlandish wages for other clubs' cast-offs, we would do well to remember that success will not be bought overnight David Moyes has done us proud on 'bargain buys' and we also have more potential for investment than we did a year ago.