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thrown away

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Refurbished, London Underground cast-offs, so that's what PS5bn investment in Wales railways brings!
After years of buying all manner of strangers' cast-offs (including more job lots of old mismatched buttons than I care to admit to) I decided to try my hand as a seller.
Clothes Aid is among not-for-profit companies which ship cast-offs out of the country to raise cash for charities such as Great Ormond Street and Make A Wish.
I do smoke--but you do, too." Evidently an actual video letter recorded by the artist in 1989, and now resurrected as a work that uncannily echoes the fates of the cast-off garments in her sculptures, it is no longer what it first set out to be.
Providing an intriguing look at Civil War history, this project guide teases the mind and invites the creative hand to draw, cut, glue, and arrange cast-off items into models of period memorabilia.
Re-vamped Stereo is starting to spin, adding Consolidated's Clint Peterson and the Santa Cruz cast-off Jayme Fortune on to the team.
That is not the case in mainstream American society, where foster parents are paid child care staff (assumed by many to be motivated by money), and foster children are perceived to be waifs or "bad kids" dressed in cast-off clothes and probably on their way to prison or other unfortunate ends.
The cast-off material, known as a planetary nebula, will seed the cosmos with elements forged in the star's nuclear furnace, some of which have formed into complex organic molecules.
An award winner at Sundance, Dark Days is at its best with monologues and confessions in which, much to our surprise, we recognize our common humanity One tunnel dweller, picking through cast-off food, says, as he drops a suspicious morsel back into the garb age can, "I don't like to eat anything I'm not familiar with." Singer and his underground friends, who took on the roles of both actors and crew, went through seven years of scrounging, begging and borrowing to make their grainy black-and-white 16mm film.
Cast-off tires are reused in two basic ways: ground and added to other products, or burned as tire-derived fuels (TDFs).
A GRANT from the joint Evening Telegraph/ British Gas community awards means the Radford Rangers under-nine football team can throw away their cast-off kit.
Many cast-off patients are from the most vulnerable sections of society and watchdogs claim some fund-holding GPs are much more interested in revamping their surgeries.
Making him out to be a worthless cast-off of Racist Amerika seems a bit harsh.
Compared with conventional cast concrete wells or cast-off steel drums, plastic has the added value of easy installation.
This is pretty much how Head Start works in all 1,287 centers, in churches and cast-off elementary schools, cities and rural communities.