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Synonyms for cast-iron

Synonyms for cast-iron

extremely robust


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The young man felt that his fate was sealed: for the rest of his life he would go up every evening between the cast-iron railings of that greenish- yellow doorstep, and pass through a Pompeian vestibule into a hall with a wainscoting of varnished yellow wood.
Well-seasoned cast-iron skillets have a naturally formed coating that is created when fats are heated to a certain point that causes them to reorganize into something resembling a plastic coating and bond to the metal.
Many people see an old, rusty cast-iron pot or skillet hanging in a worn-out barn and think they're looking at junk, when really, restoring cast iron is simple.
IT'S LIKELY your Grandma had a favorite pan--a cast-iron skillet, probably No.
But buying a full complement of cast-iron kitchenware from retail stores gets pricey.
As recently as 2014, the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) estimated 30,000 miles of cast-iron pipe still carried gas in the United States, with the highest percentage of these mains located in older eastern cities such as New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
In "Cast-Iron Cooking: Recipes & Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Cast-Iron Cookware" she draws upon her years of experience and expertise to write an informed and informative compendium of instruction and recipes for preparing memorable dishes that will please any palate and satisfy any appetite utilizing a cast iron skillet.
Corbridge House on Main Street is set within its own walled grounds and includes a reception hall with open fireplace and original cast-iron radiators.
When I first started seeking cast-iron wisdom on this topic, I found the gold mine to be forums.
Wulf Outdoor Sports has two Texas locations that do a brisk business in cast-iron cookware.
Developers are showcasing an aluminum brake drum for trucks that weighs nearly half as much as its cast-iron equivalent.
Renovation of the Scholastic building's 1880s cast-iron facade required technical proficiency with historic materials and coatings, as well as sensitivity to the concerns of tenants and shoppers in the commercial and corporate structure.
Innovations such as pre seining, a wider breadth of price points and colors, and much exposure on the Food Network is translating into cast-iron sales.
Cast-iron cookware, which your grandmother no doubt used to make many delicious and nutritious meals, is enjoying a renaissance these days as more and more healthy cooks rediscover its benefits.