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And still she pleaded with me not to cast off the masts.
The value of their nets was greater than the fines they would have to pay for violating the fish laws; so to cast off from their nets and escape, which they could easily do, would profit them nothing.
When this was caught, they would cast off from their net and heave in on the line till they were brought up to the boat in front.
They have thwart pieces from side to side about three inches thick, and their gunwales flare outwards, so as to cast off the surges of the waves.
The other Growleywogs were not slow to follow suit, and even before they had finished drinking the Chief of the Whimsies and his people came to push them away, while they one and all cast off their false heads that they might slake their thirst at the fountain.
At once the men of the Emerald City cast off their aprons.
As the lines were cast off and the steamer swung out into the current, those near him saw the moisture well up in Daylight's eyes.
this trowel reappears, cast off, it seems--last summer's
Cast off loosely, preferably using a rib cast off method (see notes).
represented in Vilnius on November 29, it will resemble a bride who has cast off her old groom for a new one, but at the same time has
On the upside I had a renewed enthusiasm for my old cast off items.
It is often cast off because it is outdated or poorly written.
I've now had the cast off and I've been doing some cryotherapy work down in Wexford.
I chipped a little bone off the knuckle of my left-thumb, and I got the cast off this morning," said