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Equal parts mystery and thriller, and with a somewhat violent resolution, what sets this novel apart from other titles in the genre is its cast of characters. Danny's family, friends, and enemies -- both past and present -- are continuously introduced almost to the end, and Cain manages to keep them all three-dimensional and authentic.
Born in the bathroom gin-soaked Jazz Age, The New Yorker was to be, in Ross' initial vision, a reflection of "metropolitan life" marked by "gaiety, wit and satire." White would recall that, "The cast of characters in those early days was as shifty as the characters in a floating poker game.
Set in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch in the early 1830s, the novel follows a large cast of characters and issues--from marriage to religion, education, the status of women, political reform, and the often unwelcome signs of modernity.
Along the way she meets a magician named Schmendrick, a barmaid named Molly, and a cast of characters who cannot seem to recognize what the creature truly is beyond merely a beautiful horse.
It covers a cast of characters who during the course of just eight games spanning nine days elevated the sport to World Series fame, involving sports and political worlds alike in the finest World Series ever played.
The cast of characters range from a hotshot attorney working in LA to a personal assistant who is having an affair with a Senator.
Croasdale creates a colourful cast of characters Fran, Marlee, Tilly and Pink who are learning not only to negotiate the waves but boys, love, parents and their own inner demons.
Sequoyah, Georgia is home to the entertaining cast of characters of "The Front Porch Prophet".
PRODUCERS of top TV series Lost have announced that five new stars are to join the cast-away cast of characters when the show returns next year.
In this book, he collects stories that answer the most profound questions of human existence and encounters a cast of characters only Allen could imagine: Jasper Nutmeat, Flanders Mealworm and E.
Everybody has a motive for murder in Crosby's lively first mystery novel, which boasts a memorable and quirky cast of characters, more than a little down-home humor, plenty of suspense, a dash of romance, and a great deal of interesting history and information about the American wine-making industry.
It is greatly enhanced by an introductory list of cast of characters, in order of appearance by chapter, the prologue, which quotes the Declaration of Arbroath and the Proclamation of POBLACHT NA H EIREANN, and the glossary.
He documents Larsen's interactions with a huge cast of characters, including James Weldon Johnson, W.E.B.
It's a road movie blissfully free of larcenous hitchhikers or other cliches that nevertheless keeps piling on the absurdities--each emerging organically from its cast of characters. It's comedy as art, not artifice.
Featuring Mark Twain's delightful cast of characters, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn is very strongly recommended for personal, school, and community library audiobook collections.