cast iron

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an alloy of iron containing so much carbon that it is brittle and so cannot be wrought but must be shaped by casting

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Some professional chefs, including Martha Stewart and Johnny Nix, consider Lodge cast iron essential tools in their kitchen.
Fully leased, Cast Iron Lofts II is the second building in the 387-unit Cast Iron Lofts Collection, an offering of upscale rental homes, resort-inspired recreation and social amenities and dynamic retail space that has created a true community environment in Jersey City's up-and-coming SoHo West (South of Hoboken, West of New York City) neighborhood.
Once again oak floor boarding is promient as are the marble fireplace with its coaleffect gas fire set on a cast iron log basket and two cast iron radiators.
Maybe our metalcasting industry can utilize this embrace of cast iron cookware to continue to build our brand and image to society and the next generation of metalcasters.
Though cast iron pans are still manufactured, the older ones from companies such as Griswold and Wagner are considered the best and make valuable collectibles as well as useful cookware.
Well, In Leviticus, it does say that it's a straight path to hell if you put cast Iron in your dishwasher.
This is where the strengths of a cast iron boiler are enhanced.
Always good to see articles supporting the benefits of older and new American made cast iron hollow ware.
We do sell a reasonable amount of cast iron Dutch ovens, as well as other cast-iron cooking utensils and accessories," said Virginia Solgot, marketing director of Wulf Outdoor Sports.
The third floor has a bedroom with cast iron range and bedroom/reception room with cast iron fireplace.
Int'l Symposium on Science and Processing of Cast Iron (9th: 2010: Luxor, Egypt) Ed.
Tenbusch B-500 9 x 9 AC,VCP, Cast Iron, DI, RCP,PVC,
8%Sr), by adding modifying substances on the "stream" of liquid cast iron, at the discharge in a casting pot.
Two PVD grades for a variety of milling products are available: MK2000 for cast iron and MH1000 for hardened steel.