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So Sir Bedivere told the King how truly this time he had cast away the sword, and how an arm "clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful," had caught it and drawn it under the mere.
As all these were but conjectures at best, so, in the condition I was in, I could do no more than look on upon the misery of the poor men, and pity them; which had still this good effect upon my side, that it gave me more and more cause to give thanks to God, who had so happily and comfortably provided for me in my desolate condition; and that of two ships' companies, who were now cast away upon this part of the world, not one life should be spared but mine.
Come, let us be jolly, And cast away folly, For grief turns a black head to gray.
I cast away in this new moment all my once hoarded knowledge, as vacant and vain.
They whispered sweet words of comfort,--how, if the darkened eyes could find no light without, within there might be never-failing happiness; gentle feelings and sweet, loving thoughts could make the heart fair, if the gloomy, selfish sorrow were but cast away, and all would be bright and beautiful.
The love they bore he could not cast away, sunlight stole in, the dark thoughts passed away, and the earth was a pleasant home to him.
Standing alone in the world -- alone, as to any dependence on society, and with little Pearl to be guided and protected -- alone, and hopeless of retrieving her position, even had she not scorned to consider it desirable -- she cast away the fragment a broken chain.
I saw that I was just another Robinson Crusoe cast away on an uninhabited island, with no society but some more or less tame animals, and if I wanted to make life bearable I must do as he did -- invent, contrive, create, reorganize things; set brain and hand to work, and keep them busy.
The singing of a man cast away upon a desolate island might be as appropriately considered as evidence of contentment and happiness, as the singing of a slave; the songs of the one and of the other are prompted by the same emotion.
I expect United to cast away the shackles of Mourinho's defensive play while Chelsea have looked much improved barring that debacle in Rome midweek.
You have only to look at the Government's disgraceful deal with the DUP to cast away any doubts of its purpose.
A recent report in ProPublica detailed some of the solutions that have already been put into motion to lower costs, including a nonprofit called Partners for World Health that sorts and collects perfectly usable medical products cast away by hospitals in the U.
The SOS was inspired by Tom Hanks' hit film Cast Away, where he is also stranded on a island.
NNA - MP Simon Abi Ramia said, "We need a transitional solution to the trash issue in Lebanon before reaching a final one, and the access to such solutions will be when some politicians cast away their personal interests from national duties.
The Guru showed people how to cast away parochialism and prejudice.