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"There is an hour to come," said he, "when all of us shall cast aside our veils.
Before the veil of eternity be lifted, let me cast aside this black veil from your face!"
About life and the books he knew more than they, and he wondered into what nooks and crannies they had cast aside their educations.
But now Britain is attempting to backtrack and spin the deal to its hard Brexiteers as something that can be cast aside at their convenience.
House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) should not be cast aside in the drug war amid reports that the Philippine National Police would again take the lead in the battle against illegal drug syndicates.
Creating deterrence was Israel's goal in the last three conflicts with Hamas, but that objective has been cast aside. Any future armed clash with Gaza will be guided by a new Israeli objective: that of achieving a crystal clear victory.
Neither is prepared to back down, so a bitter rivalry ensues as years of friendship are cast aside in the struggle to sabotage each other's big day.
Washington, Dec 16 ( ANI ): Juventus cast aside the disappointment of crashing out in the Champions League group stage, thumping Sassuolo 4-0 in Serie A on Sunday, according to reports.
It was thrilling stuff, in which even debate over Wayne Rooney's fitness was easily cast aside. Lambert has had to scrap every step of the way up the footballing ladder.
So, what happens when she meets up with the friends she cast aside earlier?
Harae : Zimbabwe's batsmen go into today's second One-day International against Bangladesh knowing that they must cast aside their suicidal tendencies if they are to keep the series alive.
The midfielder, cast aside in his youth at Queen's Park, returned to haunt them and set up a clash with Dundee United.
RITAIN'S tourism industry Blooks isolated now that the man who represented its interests has been cast aside in the Government reshuffle.
But does that mean Brits are really ready cast aside their apparent constraints and enthusiastically embrace sexual experimentation?