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search anxiously

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For the third year, former world number one golfer Lee Westwood will lead a star cast around Close House Hotel and Golf for the Have a Heart Trophy Challenge.
HAVING a quick cast around the marketplace it seems that the shortage of good, low mileage two to four year old vehicles shows no let up.
It was on arrival at Good Hope Hospital that the injury was fully investigate and snapped achilles operated Kindly nurses later dres the cast around his ankle and offered a range of colours: black, white, pin or blue.
The young cast around her are all splendid, from brooding Mid Glamorgan star Aneurin Barnard as Davey to love interest Danielle Branch, who plays Stella.
Paul Hennessy was appointed CEO of Salam Media Cast around six months ago.
Some straw had been lost off the back of an agricultural vehicle and was cast around the highway," he said.
After a relatively peaceful night in Tahrir Square following a huge "day of departure" rally yesterday that once again brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets of downtown Cairo, opponents of the regime are beginning to cast around for new tactics in their struggle to unseat a president who is proving stubbornly resistant to all attempts at toppling him.
Those detained cast around 400 votes in two polling centres for Haji Ali Muhammad and Ghulam Yahya Husainkhel alias Lashkari.
Taylor, who first picked up a guitar at the age of nine, was a member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers when, in 1969, the Stones cast around looking for a replacement for Brian Jones.
Political objections to Zimbabwe's tour forced their withdrawal earlier this year, prompting the England and Wales Cricket Board to cast around for replacement tourists.
Martha Collins's direction moved the large cast around the stage with alacrity, never sacrificing dramatic tension for empty movement.
HUNDREDS of Scots joined a huge cast around the world as they staged an anti-war demonstration yesterday.
A cast around his wrist had to be removed because of swelling, and his wrist was wrapped in a bandage Monday.
She came top of the list when the Friends cast around for the best man - or in this case woman - for the job
He therefore cast around even in Europe for learned monks, not only to head ecclesiastical foundations, but also as advisors in his court.