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large black flightless bird of Australia and New Guinea having a horny head crest

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Gardening is temporarily forgotten, head-dresses are dusted off, cassowary quills straightened through septums and face-paint applied via plastic hand-held mirrors.
Then, the scientific explanations of 18 seemingly docile animals' defense mechanisms leave the reader wanting to know more about these unique creatures, such as the cassowary, electric caterpillar, cane toad, and puffer fish.
This excludes the majestic cassowary, which suffered a significant decline due to direct deaths and displacement (see box).
Editor Brian Gomez; published by Cassowary Books and printed by Star Printers.
The cassowary is the third largest flightless bird in the ratite family.
Some of Oudry's "sitters" are represented in proud isolation: a lordly lion, a statuesque cassowary and an elegant Indian blackbuck.
8 Palm House, Cassowary Road, Handsworth Wood, guide price pounds 99,950.
Oudry's Rhinoceros appears alongside ten other life-size paintings of exotic animals--among them a cassowary, a hyena, and a mufflon--that inhabited the French royal menagerie at Versailles.
By Meadowlake out of the Cormorant mare Cassowary, the seven-year-old is a full-sister to multiple Graded stakes winner Meadow Flight.
Unable to support his family on the trickle of customers who visit his farm, Calvin Cassowary accepts the offer of Gallinipper Foods to equip him with high-tech equipment in exchange for buying his eggs.
This professional studied the endangered cassowary (Casuarius casuarius).
The Anganen of the Southern Highlands Province, in common with many other Papua New Guineans, hold a special place for the cassowary in their imagination (e.
When dressing a cassowary, don't make the hat tight.
Another project underway is The Australian Adventure which will include a koala exhibit, a cassowary exhibit, a lorikeet aviary where visitors will be able to feed the birds and a wallaby exhibit where visitors can walk inside with the wallabys.