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a black garment reaching down to the ankles

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London: The Church of England has joined the war on plastic waste, with vicars buying cassocks made from recycled bottles.
Saskia Jamieson-Bibb and Ellen Spurling, two of sixteen members of the >new Canterbury Cathedral Girls Choir, get to try on their cassocks as the choir meets and rehearses for the first time Gareth Fuller
He opted for a simple white cassock and black shoes.
SEE the Church of England has got its cassocks in a knot on whether gay men can become bishops.
A pair of cassocks - one red and one black - costs around 1,500 euros.
Solihull singers The Surplus Cassocks will be joining forces with local comedian Malcolm Stent for an Evening of Music and Mirth to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.
First, like so many modern academic writers, the author does not understand the church and refers to 'lay clergy', 'monks' cassocks [habits]', 'the Vatican [not an eighteenth century usage]', 'sacramental absolution [confession is a sacrament, not absolution]', and 'blessing ...
The fans, clad in bright red cassocks and wielding a smoking censer held aloft a banner bearing Benitez's face with the words, In Saint Rafa We Trust.
But by lunchtime on Friday, about 2,000 fans, many of them sporting cassocks, had taken the ferry or plane from the mainland and were pitching tents in the teeth of an Atlantic gale.
The Choirboys (UCJ) They've been dubbed the first choral boy band, swapped cassocks for designer suits, signed a pounds 500,000 record contract, and been tipped as chart contenders for Christmas.
The postulant, or ordination candidate, can give the store measurements for clergy garments such as shirts, cassocks and albs, a list of books or other items, and refer gift inquiries to the book centre.
Branquinho has provided this lonely creature with ascetic items like cassocks and thermals to get her through the Warsaw winter practicing her cor anglais.
I took the children to the vestry to search for cassocks to get them appropriately kitted out for their first service as choristers.
Clad in white and scarlet cassocks, they defied their saintly appearance with a headbanging set worthy of a punk band.
DIFFICULT to work up righteous indignation over the gay bishop drama that has the Church of England's cassocks in such a twist.