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dressed in a cassock

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The future resister of Caesar's wars heartily embraced the cassocked military regime of Rome's chosen, the Jesuits.
Then, when dawn threatens, each one goes on its way," Goya wrote of the Caprichos's last plate, an image of four cassocked goblins howling in the night.
A priest emerged from the side of the church cassocked and hatted--one of those wide French-brimmed hats--his old body shaped like the hiss of an Ess, his head hung meditatively in sorrow or understanding.
Little in Berrigan's 13 years of Jesuit training, ending in 1952 with ordination, gave hints that he would stray from the tame, cassocked paths trod by most members of his order.
As I set out on my new life ( a life mercifully free of cassocked women bawling "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" at all hours of the day and night ( I will look back on my time here with some fondness.