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a black garment reaching down to the ankles

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Nicolas, a Spanish theologian, was nicknamed the "black pope" because of the colour of his cassock, because he has been elected to his position as head of the Jesuits for life, like the pope, and because as the Jesuit superior he is the leader of the largest and most powerful religious order in the world.
Standing 40cm tall and sporting the white cassock worn by the real Pope Francis, it carries a not-so-heavenly price tag of E249 ([pounds sterling]213).
Both wore white, though Benedict was in a simple cassock without the traditional sash and cape worn by Francis.
And yesterday he almost came a cropper when he got his foot caught in his cassock at a papal audience - but recovered with some nifty footwork.
The Vatican has said Benedict will be allowed to continue wearing his papal white cassock but without the short cape that popes also wear.
He'll wear a simpler white cassock than the papal robes.
The Pope will wear his distinctive white cassock without any cape or trimmings.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Benedict XVI will continue to wear a white cassock and will be known as Pope Emeritus after he resigns the papacy on Thursday, the Vatican said.
He has an all-purpose white cassock ready which can be altered to fat or thin, depending on the new Pontiff's girth" Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth after meeting the papal tailor "I love touching.
torn cassock glistening with spent saliva, rapture in upturned
None would disagree this old man, his cream silk cassock tailored by the Gemelli Brothers, clerical outfitters for years, his shoes made by Prade, needs our prayers.
Although devout throughout his life, he traded a cassock for tights in his late teens, and as Fernand Nault embarked on a dance career.
In the original historical legends of Huineng's flight from a mob of angry and jealous monks after the Fifth Patriarch awarded him the First Patriarch Bodhidharma's sacred cassock and begging bowl, the cassock and bowl are supposed to have miraculously adhered to the ground where Huineng left them and thus could not be carried away by the mob.
He did one of his Q&A's in a priest's cassock, shades and a lot of attitude.
The former Cardiff council leader's announcement that he may become a vicar will send shivers down the cassock of Dr Rowan Williams, I mean, given Russell's ambition, he'll probably be Archbishop of Canterbury within six months.