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some genus Cassia species often classified as members of the genus Senna or genus Chamaecrista

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Mozart's G major Quartet is another example of original thinking, whose moods were teased out by the Cassias from the first movement's tinkering with harmony, through the minuet's distortion of triple time to the counterpoint-busting finale.
The Cassias rose to Debussy's stunning sensuality, changing textures and constant activity in a major landmark performance of muscular intensity which will be hard to match.
They share this characteristic with the rock roses (Cistus species), much loved for their fragrant leaves and crepe-textured flowers in rose, salmon, purple and white, but short-lived and victimized by the same stem dieback to which cassias, acacias and other leguminous shrubs and trees succumb.
The other day, I saw a hedge of feathery cassia (Senna artemisioides), an acacia relative, in full flower.
ATMS is designed to replace instruments currently flying on polar-orbiting weather satellites and will be about one-third the size and weight of existing microwave sounding devices, according to Greg Cassias, Director for Space Programs, BAE SYSTEMS Information & Electronic Warfare Systems.
The study was conducted on 35 healthy rabbits of either sex following administration of Cassia italica plant extract for a period of 14 days.