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electronic equipment for playing cassettes

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NUCLEAR power stations, cassette recorders, debates on size zero - there are many things no one needs any more.
To take one example: Video cassette recorders became widely available only in the early 1980s, but they quickly revolutionized how we related not only to film and television but to other forms of art.
By 1990 more than 200 million video cassette recorders were being sold each year worldwide.
To keep up morale, the first astronauts to embark on long-duration flights were allowed to take cassette recorders with them, as well as their own choice of tapes.
The BD-R1000 maintains high picture and sound quality by directly recording digital signals avoiding the degradation of picture clarity inevitable in recording high-definition video content with existing video cassette recorders and DVD recorders because they convert digital signals into analog signals.
Then there's Americanborn composer Andrew Zolinsky, whose recital ranges from music inspired by the Peanuts cartoons to operatic music performed with the aid of six old cassette recorders.
The AE8000 signals-intelligence (SIGINT) disk recorder is a direct replacement for legacy 6-MHz and 8MHz S-VHS cassette recorders. Other interfaces offer 12-MHz and 25-MHz analog bandwidths for greater mission capability.
A German police officer has testified in the Lockerbie bombing trial that some ten cassette recorders went missing from a flat searched by police on 29 October 1988.
Identical bombs, also hidden in Toshiba "Bombeat" radio cassette recorders were held by key LIS members in Tripoli, Malta and Senegal "all for issue to, and use by, their members."
These recordings could be heard on cassette recorders set up under each display panel.
Although such high-ticket items as personal computers help drive up those figures, other products in the mix include personal electronic organizers, computer software, miniature cassette recorders and handheld devices that can be used as a dictionary or thesaurus.
"A large range of products today are disposable," he said, adding that consumers find it much more economical to purchase new products like camcorders and video cassette recorders every few years than to service their old ones.
Gemstar's VCR+ tool for programming video cassette recorders, has its numbers published in over 1,800 newspapers and program guides worldwide.
Many newer computers, cable TV boxes, video cassette recorders (VCRs), ceiling fans, cordless drills, and video games likewise stay on while ostensibly switched off.
An entity sells software required to operate its products, such as video cassette recorders or voice-mail systems.