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And now you can relive your youth - with a range of outlets selling this year's trendyFather's Day gift: a cassette player.
In contrast, audio equipment shipments dropped 14.6 percent to 15.1 billion yen, due to weakened demand for MD related equipment and sluggish shipments of CD radio cassette players. Shipments of the segment continued to decline for 56 months in a row since March 2000.
It keeps the family chilled, too thanks to battery-run speakers that are compatible with CD/MP3 players, cassette players or FM Surfsticktm radio (included with bag).
Already, Matsushita is no longer using lead solder for some products such as MD (minidisk) players and video cassette players.
Furnished apartment resident enjoy free basic cable plus HBO service through Time Warner Cable; video cassette players; direct dial local phone service; free in-room fax access upon request; welcoming gift baskets; and a host of other services.
In its current version, the EU Council of Ministers' draft common position on the proposed Directive contains a clause (Article 6) which makes provisions for restrictions on private copying, which could even lead to an all-out ban.Generally speaking, the survey found that Europeans make copies mainly for personal use, usually copying CDs to listen to them on cassette players, and thereby not breaching copyright law.
Finally, the paper offers some caveats for those who want to incorporate audio-feedback into their teaching (e.g., some students do not have access to cassette players, teachers should not be tempted to substitute audio-feedback for teacher-student conferences, and it may take some time for teachers and their students to become accustomed to spoken rather than written comments).
Half received BIM systems, while the other half received personal cassette players with 10-minute tapes of instrumental nonrhytbmic meditation music.
At least 15% of rooms will be designated business class, equipped with video cassette players, combo printer/copy/fax/scanners, two phone lines with dataport and speakerphone capabilities and cordless dual-line phones.
Since most cars have cassette players, tapes can be given as souvenirs of the visit, and families can be encouraged to listen to one more creative and supportive message on the way home - at the very moment when they would otherwise be inclined to criticize your camp and program.
LAS VEGAS -- Panasonic will unveil a broad spectrum of audio products here this week, including a new line of car cassette players, as well as CD and general audio cassette players.
You can order as many personal cassette players as you wish but please include the correct amount.
RAWALPINDI -- The City Traffic Police have cracked down on unauthorised registration plates and cassette players, which are not permitted in public transport vehicles.
For 15 years composer Phil Kline had performed his Unsilent Night work across the USA and Canada; involving members of the public turning up with CD or cassette players and separately playing pre-prepared pieces.
He said: "We believe there are a number of young people upgrading their radio cassette players in old vehicles for radio CD players from newer vehicles."