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electronic equipment for playing cassettes

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Argos is amongst other retailers with cassette players for sale including a Bush version for [pounds sterling]29.99 and Sony version for [pounds sterling]59.99.
No one was allowed within five metres of the radio cassette player. He also came with an old car battery for powering the system, plus big external speakers, overturned on a big cooking pot, to enhance the bass effect.
"Don't you think a stereo cassette player that you can listen to while walking around is a good idea?"
In 1979 I launched a portable stereo cassette player that was a huge hit (unlike my Betamax VCR).
A warrant for the seizure of the audio equipment was obtained and Kirklees Council pollution and noise officers entered the house with the police and seized two televisions, a stereo, radio cassette player, DVDs and CDs.
You put Bach's cantata in B flat minor in the cassette player.
Radio: "This is a radio with a vinyl deck and a cassette player. My husband and I love music.
The vehicle, which still bears its original six-month tax disc and Philips radio cassette player in full working order, has been driven for less than half an hour in nearly a quarter of century.
jazz and a little bit of blues," he taught himself keyboard by playing along with the radio as a kid, and when he moved to New York in the late '90S, his live performances contained little more than his spine-tingling, otherworldly voice accompanied by a cassette player blaring pre-recorded tracks.
The 68-year-old singer claimed that he would get up in the middle of the night and record tunes on a cassette player after they came to him in his dreams.
I bet some of them even try to feign illness with the old trick of putting a dummy in their bed and setting up a hidden cassette player to fake snoring and the odd cough.
The noise-making equipment, including a TV, DVD player, video cassette player, CDs, DVDs and a karaoke tape, seized at the property following a raid on Christmas Eve last year, were forfeited and will now be given to charity.
FIRST came the portable cassette player, then the CD Walkman, now we have MP3 players and Apple's popular iPod.
He triggered the blast by picking up an abandoned cassette player near the shop that was rigged with explosives, the report said.
You'll Need * A small CD or cassette player that can fit into a shoebox * A cassette tape or CD * A shoe box * 6-8 pieces of tissue paper * Plastic bags * 1 bag of foam packing chips * A towel Procedure: 1.