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a tape deck for playing and recording cassette tapes

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"It may appear to be straightforward dropping a JLR V8 into a Defender, but the Defender is ancient mechanical infrastructure and the engine is from an era when cars are computers - it's like getting an iPhone playing music via a cassette deck - but we've done it, and we've done it seamlessly thanks to some incredible electronic engineering by the engineering firm's Coventry workshops on a to-the-front-door tour of the first prospective customers.
He moved his mouth, opened his eyes and told stories that were played from an audiotape cassette deck built into the toy's back.
Including a CD player, twin cassette deck (for your mix tapes), auto stop turntable and three band radio, the complete package was yours for PS99.99, down from the usual price of PS149.99.
co-founder Masaru Ibuka--who liked to listen to music during his frequent business trips--was tired of lugging his unwieldy TC-D5 cassette deck around, and asked his designers to produce something smaller.
Yes, it has a cassette deck instead of a CD player, GPS or satellite radio.
I even fixed a portable cassette deck to the transmission tunnel.
PLEASE SEND ME CODE QTY PRICE TOTAL 6-in-1 Music Centre D3939 PS149.99 Spare stylus GF666 PS9.99 POSTAGE PS3.95 TOTAL RRP PS299.99 save PS150 The stereo gramophone is ideal for your 33s, 45s or 78s and there is also an AM/FM radio, a CD player and a cassette deck. What's more, you can record and store all your favourite tunes on your PC, using the integrated USB connection and PC software included, allowing you to preserve your precious recordings to PC or play on your MP3 player. For the best of both worlds, this CD/MP3 Record Player with cassette deck, AM/FM-radio and USB/SD memory card slots is pretty nifty.
TheS re's plenty in Love, Love, Love to get all rose-tinted glasses about, but its writer did not anticipate feeling that way about a simple cassette deck.
I made a lot of mix tapes on my cassette deck and each one was a marvel of styles.
(Among the components were two clicking and whirring Telex Caramate 4000 slide viewers; a TEAC CX-650R stereo cassette deck; and an old Sony Trinitron monitor, which provided a live video feed from a nearby stairwell.)
0-30: You probably own a cassette deck | 31-44: You probably have a Facebook page 41-60: Your spouse thinks you need therapy | 61-80+: You're a SuperGeek and proud of it!
The prosecution said it was Downs who shot them as one of her favorite songs, new wave band Duran Duran's 1982 hit "Hungry Like the Wolf," blared from her car's cassette deck.
RETRO BOX - USB Cassette Deck (pounds 99.95 from, A decade ago this chunky-looking tape deck would have been the centrepiece to any home hi-fi, but thankfully this one has more than one trick up its sleeve.
EQUIPMENT: Alloy wheels, radio with cassette deck, sports seats, four-wheel-drive.