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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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However, the number of cassettes sold has increased 112% year-onyear and the final three months of 2018 saw the highest sales in the UK since 2004.
Californian 17-year-old Eilish has the highest-selling cassette of the year so far with her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
Argos is amongst other retailers with cassette players for sale including a Bush version for [pounds sterling]29.99 and Sony version for [pounds sterling]59.99.
Cassette was designed by H2RDesign, the award-winning interior design firm behind a few other distinctive food and beverage establishments around the city, including Parker's in Dubai Mall, Tom & Serg in Al Quoz, and Clinton Street Baking Co.
More than 50,000 cassette albums were bought in the UK.
Harsh lab conditions may degrade the ink used in cassette and slide identification, which can increase the possibility of specimen identification errors.
Combining the latest high-resolution audio technology with cassette tapes, Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading Co.
The e2XHD Snap-In Cassette Patching System includes 1RU high-density universal flat and angled patch panels, copper and fiber snap-in cassettes, and accessories for additional cable protection and management.
Lui published a blog post about VHS cassettes on his website called "( Intro 6 Inside the VHS Cassette & VCR," with a series of detailed photographs of a VHS.
So successful has he been that he's pulled off something off a coup by releasing a four-track cassette featuring long lost songs by Madchester favourites The Paris Angels, as well as a smattering of tracks by artistes both consigned to history and those that are very much still active.
Now, a 200 L Q anion exchange column for adenovirus capture can be easily replaced by a 20 L Q adsorber cassette system," said Dr.
Abu Dhabi: In the age of internet downloads and online streaming, a handful of stores across the capital stand as testament to a bygone era, when video rentals and audio cassettes represented the primary form of entertainment for residents.
WIRRAL favourites The Coral are calling for your old - and worst - cassette compilations.
Artist uses ribbon from old cassettes, videos and audio books to create images of music stars including The Beatles, Madonna and Jacko AN ARTIST has created amazing portraits of music legends - using old cassette tape.
Monday night expectation about the cassette reached its peak and everyone was looking at the BaE-calan (head thief) account on Twitter.