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food cooked and served in a casserole

large deep dish in which food can be cooked and served

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With spatula, transfer fish and vegetables from parchment packages onto plates, or serve in individual casseroles.
Best Ever Green Bean Casserole - Alton Brown suggests adding onions and bread crumbs to a green bean bounty for a simple yet tasty star side dish.
Today's recipe is a slowcooked casserole with lamb shanks.
To soften it and make it easier to crumble into recipes for sauces, chili, and casseroles, steam the tempeh for a few minutes in a steamer basket or over a pot of boiling water.
Add fresh to salads and sandwiches or cook in pasta sauces, casseroles and stir fries.
There are few dishes more evocative of autumn, and whether you've had a hard day at work, or the pending darkness of winter is just getting you down, casseroles can help to soothe whatever ails us.
Since casseroles first appeared in cookbooks at the turn of the 20th century, they have helped frugal cooks stretch food budgets without cutting back on flavor,'' says Anne Byrn, author of ``The Dinner Doctor'' (Workman; $14.
Many of these fabulously simple casseroles use cream of somethin's and are from More Treasured Mennonite Recipes, Series II ($12.
Arrange on a platter or in a shallow 3- to 4-quart casserole.
The 3-quart casserole pan, sold in packages of 2, replaces a standard 13" x 9" traditional baking pan or glass casserole for large casseroles like lasagna.
Chef Sonia Stevenson,author of Casseroles: From Tagine to Coq Au Vin, says casseroles a reextremely nutritious as well as comforting.
PEOPLE HAVE PROBABLY been making casseroles since pots were created and various combinations of foods were blended together and heated over the coals of a fire.
Although capacity and wattage of traditional microwave ovens has increased of late (a new GE Spacemaker microwave oven can now hold up to six dinner plates or three 9x13-inch casseroles and has 1,000 watts), the biggest news at General Electric these days pertains to technology.
I will never stop singing the praises of those stews, pot roasts and casseroles that our grannies used to make.
These make-ahead (8 to 36 hours) breakfast, brunch, lunch, or supper casseroles may be called stratas, fondues, puffs, or overnight casseroles, but they are all essentially the same.