cassava starch

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a starch made by leaching and drying the root of the cassava plant

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'Cassava starch processing in Nigeria is expanding, there are new factories coming up, we in our own factory, we are increasing our capacity by almost 100 per cent.
The chemical structure of cassava starch and the compatibilizing agents containing functional groups along the chain make the blend more susceptible to attack by the basal medium and microorganisms, since these bonds are susceptible to hydrolytic degradation, as has been reported by other authors [21].
Locally produced cassava starch could be a good alternative to imported corn starch, maximizing profit by local industries and reducing the cost of starch by avoiding importation costs (Bennesi et al., 2006; Mufumbo et al., 2011; Olunkunle, 2013; Mtunguja et al., 2015).
Waste bio-refineries for the cassava starch industry: New trends and review of alternatives.
The experiment was set up in randomized blocks with plots split into two factors, the main factor was the type of water, represented by the four plots: clean water (public supply), water with nitrogen fertilizer at concentration of 300 mg [L.sup.-1] of N, cassava starch wastewater and poultry slaughterhouse wastewater.
By building a state-of-the-art processing plant, we can utilise the abundant fresh roots planted by the farmers and process them into cassava starch and modified starch, which is in demand in other Asian and European countries.
Our results suggest an opportunity for strategic feeding using cassava starch agro-industrial by-products to improve nutrient and energy supplies for beef cattle in tropical countries.
Ailyn Agonia Doha ORGANIC bags made from cassava starch and other materials from renewable resources will soon be available in Qatar in an effort to help the country reduce its consumption of plastics such as in supermarkets and other leading industries.
The country leads the world in exports of canned tuna, cassava starch and pineapple while being ranked second in rice and sugar exports, according to Thailand's National Food Institute.
Emulsions were prepared with 30% solids (w/w) of the encapsulating material (for this, the succinated cassava starch was screened at mesh 80 and a 20% (w/w) ratio of the essential oil to the modified starch solids); then it was homogenized with an ULTRA-TURRAX IKA T-10 Basic at 14000 rpm and for 5 min.
Oates, "Environmental conditions during root development: Drought constraint on cassava starch quality," Euphytica, vol.
1 in rubber, cassava starch, and canned pineapple; No.
To improve the economic potential of cassava starch, a commodity in tropical countries like Indonesia, a non-food industrial application needs to be developed [1, 2].
The cassava starch used in this study was from the local cassava starch company in Thailand, and two commercial enzymes amylase (GC147) and glucoamylase (GC358; Genencor, Danisco US Inc., USA) were used to hydrolyze a 50 % W/V solution of cassava starch in a 4-L (2 kg of cassava starch: 2 L of distilled water) working volume in a 5-L of fermentor.