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I send my warmest birthday greetings to our National Living Treasure, Teofilo Garcia, and salute him for his exceptional talent in making tabungaw or gourd casque and his dedication to preserve heritage.
Parmi les actions mises en scene par l'artiste, soulignons en premier lieu la transmission de consignes a l'endroit des huit musiciens se tenant dans l'attente, instrument a la main et casque d'ecoute en place--chacun isole dans l'une des pieces luxueusement amenagees du manoir (chambre, salon, salle de bain, etc.
Sur le sol, au milieu des decombres, gEt un casque bleu des Nations unies.
Reading Robert Fagles' translation one is struck by the intensity and frequency of the violence, the absence of mercy and the graphic descriptions of brutal hand-to-hand combat such as Agamemnon's slaughter of the Trojan Bienor: 'clean through heavy metal and bone' Agammenon's spear point 'burst and the brains splattered all inside the casque.
Pelaw Grange take great pride in being the only greyhound stadium to hold the Casque Mark for the condition and range of their cask beers, and Gray solemnly informed me that any sampling done on the visit would be purely in the interest of maintaining those high standards
BeCrypt Limited, a UK-based encryption security company, has partnered with Distributed Management Systems (DMS), the developer of CASQUE, to provide an integrated highly secure solution based on Trusted Client and CASQUE.
1 A coiled plume of dust above the glinting alder means chariots advancing: a low cloud signifies infantry running crouched through the withered reeds: wisps are spies: whirling wisps might be your own desire or a fly inside your casque or just whirling wisps.
HARBORNE and Kings Norton pubs are among those recognised in a new list from ale experts Casque Marque.
Le systE me se prE[umlaut]sente sous la forme d'une sorte de casque Ea positionner sur les tempes ou d'un accessoire Ea fixer sur des branches de lunettes.
That was the conclusion of independent inspectors from Casque Marque, a group that monitors cask ale temperature and freshness in the U.
He's currently investigating how cassowaries detect infrasound, paying particular attention to the large, pointy casque atop each bird's head.
AEP Systems and Distributed Management Systems have released a remote-access solution for secure access to company information using CASQUE security.
The pub features in guides such as Good Beer and Casque Marque.
Here, there are five oil paintings on metal - Casque, a helmeted head; Noh, Red Knight, and Carabosse, which are layered with perspex, and Priam, which is cut into horizontal strips and articulated.
Luckily, she had an extra helmet, casque (kusk), for me.