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any of a group of proteases that mediate apoptosis

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Caspase activity was evaluated by measuring proteolytic cleavage of the chromogenic substrates DEVD-pNA (for caspase-3 like protease activity), IETD-pNA (for caspase-8 activity) and LEHD-pNA (for caspase-9 activity) as described previously (Rubio et al.
Synthesized cDNA was extracted from RNA to be used in doing Real-time and RT-PCR: caspase 3 gene expression level was compared in studied samples.
The researchers determined that Legionella pneumophila bacteria somehow suppress activation of caspases 4 and 5 in human cells but, if the enzymes are added back into immune cells, they set off the same fusion events--those also seen in mice --that will kill the bacteria.
Initial interventions in this regard started with the use of a broad-spectrum caspase inhibitor carboxyvalyl-alanyl-aspartyl-(o-methyl) that could improve survival by 40-45% in a CLP model of sepsis (43).
The formation of active caspases forms a cascade in which initiator caspases (8, 9) interact with the downstream effector molecules (3, 7) to facilitate their own activation.
Studies with the broad-spectrum caspase inhibitor zVAD showed decreased apoptosis and improved survival in a mouse CLP model (32).
The activation of caspases that mediate apoptosis can be measured in the plasma, thus allowing an indirect evaluation of liver damage.
Maxim's live-cell, high-throughput screening technology forms the basis for our caspase modulator program that is generating a rapidly growing portfolio of compounds," said Larry G.
Activated by various biochemical cues from within or outside of the cell, caspases commence a cascade of molecular steps that steer the cell to a clean, quiet, orderly death.
Researchers at Mayo Clinic genetically engineered mice so that their senescent cells harboured a molecule called caspase 8 that was only turned on in the presence of a drug that has no effect on normal cells.
Apoptosis relies on caspase enzymes and other molecules to ensure the cell self destructs.
2+] toxicity interfered with inhibitors of cellular signaling pathways, such as ERK and c-jun N-terminal kinase, and with caspase inhibitors, especially inhibitors of caspase-9 and caspase-3.
Brains of Alzheimer's patients had four times more caspase cleavage of APP than brains of healthy older people, says Dale Bredesen of the Buck Institute for Age Research in Novato, Calif.
Idun's technology is focused on the control of caspase activity.
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