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Synonyms for casino

a public building for gambling and entertainment

a card game in which cards face up on the table are taken with eligible cards in the hand

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The sun shone gaily on the white-walled houses, the bright Gardens, and the two gleaming casinos.
As they approached the casino restlessness crept into Mr Warden's manner.
They left Mr Warden, who shot in at the casino door like a homing rabbit, and walked on in silence, which lasted till Ruth, suddenly becoming aware that her companion's eyes were fixed on her face, turned her head, to meet a gaze of complete, not to say loving, admiration.
Mr Warden ambled home, very happy and contented, two hours later, with half a franc in his pocket, this comparative wealth being due to the fact that the minimum stake permitted by the Roville casino is just double that sum.
I saw him at the casino, and the thing flashed on me.
I suppose you would like to take them to the Casino to play roulette?
We entered the Park, and approached the Casino, where Polina seated herself upon a bench near the fountain, and sent Nadia away to a little distance to play with some other children.
So saying, she called Nadia back to her side, and entered the Casino, where she joined the rest of our party.
Miller represents one shade of the new image California casinos are marketing to reinvent the booming gaming industry.
The thieves then used the stolen credit cards, sometimes within hours of the theft, to obtain cash at casinos.
If he's foiled in his effort to create his own chain of casinos overnight by seizing the assets of seven companies, he says he'll settle for a 70 percent tax on the casinos' gross.
The June issue of The Washington Monthly described how Bennett has rolled up over $8 million in gambling expenditures at various casinos over the past decade.
The casino was opposed by several other tribes with lucrative casinos in the same area, who had hired lobbyists to press their cause with the White House, and ultimately contributed $282,500 to national Democratic campaign committees.
Means wants to build casinos that would fund Mexican indigenous development.
Having lost that battle, Holley is now fighting to ensure that African Americans collect a share of the winnings when casinos do arrive.