automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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The crook, from Bilston, was then found to have been behind another cashpoint robbery on a woman in Walsall.
Offenders then fled the Brook Farm Walk shop with the cashpoint.
The research compiled by Money-SuperMarket through Freedom of Information requests shows Northumbria Police is the fifth busiest force for cashpoint thefts and robberies nationwide, with 801 crimes recorded in the last decade.
He said: "At a time when politicians from across the parties are campaigning to protect bank branches, the idea that free-touse cashpoints could be threatened beggars belief.
"This was an unprovoked upon a unknown simply had misfortune waiting in cashpoint Now 30-year-old Peak, of Lindsay Avenue, Blyth, has been locked up for 18 months at Newcastle Crown Court after admitting GBH.
Earn a free flight when booking Premium: There are significant cost savings to be earned on Norwegian flight bookings, which can offer between 2% and 20% CashPoints on all ticket types.
Middlesbrough - Corporation Road: Scammers swindled one man out of PS240 by distracting him at a Corporation Road cashpoint in Middlesbrough before grabbing the cash.
In December, a man using a cashpoint in Treforest was wrestled to the ground while another person withdrew hundreds of pounds from his account.
Police are urging people to be on their guard after they recorded seven cases of fraud in one week at just one cashpoint in Ball Hill, Coventry.
The trickster and her accomplice pretended to help their 66-year-old victim by telling her the cashpoint was faulty.
THIEVES have used a JCB digger to smash a store front, pictured above, and steal a cashpoint in Masham, police have said.
THIEVES used a JCB digger to smash a store front and steal an entire cashpoint yesterday, police said.
A MAN has been charged with using a knife to rob another man at a cashpoint.