cashier's cheque

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a check issued by the officer of a bank on the banks own account (not that of a private person)

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Mrs Williams said she had documents to prove her claim, including cashier's cheque stubs, mementos from the senator and a letter from an intermediary who delivered money from the senator.
The conmen send a cashier's cheque made out from the Rocky Mountain Credit Union in Montana.
About pounds 90million will do nicely, even if Real Madrid beat them to the cashier's cheque. They have proved an England captain's loyalty cannot be bought at any price, except when pounds 200,000 a week turns his head.
During his testimony, Liotatis handed over as evidence, copies of transfers between his bank account and that of a businessman -- who was acting on behalf of Wadnic -- and the cashier's cheques and cash he and his assistant Yiannis Ioannou had handed over.
Called Citibank Express, the ATM enables customers to perform nearly all banking functions, including opening accounts and applying for loans, cards and cashier's cheques, the bank claimed.